The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced grants for the Miami County Conservation District and Heartland Conservation Alliance, Inc., to support habitat restoration and urban water quality initiatives in the Kansas…

MANHATTAN — Miami County is among the additional counties eligible for funds to assist landowners with their efforts to mitigate the impact of drought, the Division of Conservation at the Kansas Department of Agriculture recently announced.

More often than we’d like to admit we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot when talking about the challenges we face in farming and ranching. These conversations with our friends, neighbors and family members take place at the local café, filling station, after church or Friday evening ball games.

When I was a youngster, one of my favorite places to play was my Uncle Joe and Aunt Anna’s red barn. My Uncle Bernie’s farm sported a barn as well. Both were must stops when we visited our cousins.

While food remains a bargain in the United States, the average American household spends more on food each year. What’s even more interesting is the average American may soon spend more on dining out than buying groceries.

Just as the sun rises each morning, Kansas farmers and ranchers begin each day dedicated to providing food and providing the best for their families. Simultaneously, and with each new generation, non-farm folks become further and further removed from the farm.

While the 2018 wheat harvest remains fresh in the minds of Kansans, it’s worth remembering civilization has been directly linked to the cultivation of grain. When primitive man first learned he could grow wheat during the summer, store it for winter food and use the leftover wheat to plant i…

The Miami County Fair will kick off this weekend, and this year’s schedule of events includes all of the pageantry, competition and entertainment that local residents have come to expect from the annual festival.

Now that we’re in July, most Kansans are experiencing the dog-days of summer – blistering heat, strong southerly winds and a few scattered showers. In the fields across our state, the corn crop is holding its own, and the beans and milo are in “pretty” good shape as well.

MANHATTAN — For the week ending July 8, there were 5.9 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Today’s livestock producers must consider their vocation a noble profession. By continuing to care for, and nurture, their animals, while telling this story, farmers and ranchers can preserve their freedom to operate and maintain successful animal agriculture in the United States.

In communities across Kansas, farmers markets continue to offer homegrown and homemade products. Everything from freshly picked fruits and vegetables to mouth-watering baked goods, fresh eggs, beef, lamb, pork, colorful flower arrangements and assorted bedding plants.