United Way of Miami County hopes to raise $80,000

United Way of Miami County board members recently kicked off the group’s annual fundraising campaign. They are hoping to raise at least $80,000 to support local agencies. Pictured are: (from left) Jason Camis, Joe Flake, Carol Medlin, Betty Kern and Jimmy Hay.

PAOLA — The United Way of Miami County recently kicked off its annual fundraising campaign.

The organization slightly exceeded its $90,000 goal last year, but board member Jimmy Hay said donations have been trending down recently, so the group decided to drop this year’s goal to $80,000.

“We certainly hope that our donations will remain around the $90,000 level as in the past, and if they do, then we will allocate additional funds to our partner agencies at the end of our campaign,” Hay said.

Budget allocation letters will be mailed to agencies this month to inform them of the funding decision for their agencies. After that has been completed, the group plans to post the updated agencies on its website: www.united waypaola.org.

The United Way of Miami County provides funding for nearly 20 local agencies, and local businesses can help contribute by enrolling in an automatic payroll deduction program that gives employees the opportunity to choose to have contributions to United Way automatically deducted from their paychecks.

The charitable organization previously was called United Way of Paola, which began as the United Fund of Paola in 1982, with the name change taking place in 1997. Since 1992, the organization has distributed $1.6 million to community organizations.

Hay said board members are also spreading the word about the United Way 2-1-1 assistance service. More information about that program is available online at www.211.org or by calling 2-1-1 from any phone anytime 24/7.

Community members can track the progress of the United Way fundraising campaign using the thermometer-style display at the intersection of Hedge Lane and Peoria Street near McDonald’s in Paola.

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Joan Davis

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