Details for 2018 Delinquent Taxes Pg 2 of 5



Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc1998 Lt 39 Smith Sub-Div 1-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smith'S Subd #1 Osawatomi Blk: Lot:39, 1515 Charles St, 969.95
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc2003 Lt 44 Smith Sub-Div 1-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smith'S Subd #1 Osawatomi Blk: Lot:44, 170 15th St, 1006.88
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc2019 Lt 11 Smith Sub-Div 2-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smith'S Subd #2 Blk: Lot:11, 1709 Main St, 967.43
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc2040 Lt 32 Smith Sub-Div 2 (Smith Living Trus T)-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smith'S Subd #2 Blk: Lot:32, 1729 Main St Ter, 1282.85
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc2041 Lt 33 Smith Sub-Div 2-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smith'S Subd #2 Blk: Lot:33, 1725 Main St Ter, 992.77
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc2094 W58.93' Lt 24 Smith S-D# 3-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Smiths Subd #3 (Osawatomi Blk: Lot:24, 1758 Main St, 1018.48
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc0234 Lt 5 Blk 24-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk:24 Lot:5, 417 Parker St, 821.63
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc0930 Lt 2 Blk 9 Youmans 2 Nd Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Youmans Add #2 (Osawatomi Blk: Lot:, 307 Walnut St, 610.83
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc0675 Lt 27 Lloyds Addn-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Loyd'S Add/Loyd'S Subd Lt Blk: Lot:27, 319 9th St, 1125.62
Copperstone Enterprises LLC, Oc0678 Lt 30 Lloyds Additio N-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Loyd'S Add/Loyd'S Subd Lt Blk: Lot:30, 309 9th St, 1143.81
Cottle, Richard L, Pc0859A1 Tr Beg 12Sly Ne/C Lt 10Blk110 th Sly87.9W Ly84.7Nly53.7Nely91.-Sec:16 Twp:17 Rng:23-Paola (Re-Survey) Blk:110 Lot:Pt 10, 608 S Hickory St, 1266.70
Cottrell, Steve, Oc0599 N86' E37' Lt 1 Blk 1 1-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Ellensville (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 733 Walnut St, 246.37
Country Club Estates Lp, Pc1627A2 Tr Beg Sw Cor Lt 20 Blk 6 Country Club H Ts Ese160' Ssw299' W-Sec:9 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 2 Lewis Dr, 11019.04
Cr 2018 LLC, Oc0292 Lt 4 Blk 32 (Commerc Ial)-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk:32 Lot:4, 511 Main St, 2253.35
Cr 2018 LLC, Oc0567 Lts 11-12 Blk 98 E Llensville Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Ellensville (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 400 Chestnut, 1109.14
Cranor, Dennis N, We0333K Lt 6 Jaymar Acres Su Bdivision-Sec:21 Twp:16 Rng:25-Jaymar Acres Lots 1-29 Blk: Lot:6, 0 Jaymar Dr, 787.66
Criddle Jr, Larry, Pc0641A1 W 42' Lt 2 Blk 84-Sec:17 Twp:17 Rng:23-Paola (Re-Survey) Blk:84 Lot:Pt 2, 403 W Kaskaskia St, 208.96
Crossley, Craig Allen, Mc0250 Tr Beg 662.6'S Ne Co R Sw4 W1337.7' S659. 9' E1337.7' N674.9'-Sec:35 Twp:17 Rng:24-N/A Blk: Lot:, 33242 Quivira Rd, 687.30
Crouch, Misty D, Oc0817 Lt 1 Blk 2 Blaines A Ddn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Blaine'S Add (Osawatomie) Blk:2 Lot:1, 301 Mill, 475.41
Cullor, Joe P, Oc0112 E60' Lts 11,12 & 13 Blk 18-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 432 Parker St, 1771.32
Cummings, Toby L, Lc0422 Lt 12 & S2 Lt 11 Blk 4 South Ridge Addn (Lc0423)-Sec:31 Twp:16 Rng:25-South Ridge Blk 2/Blk 3/B Blk:4 Lot:11 & 12, 800 S 10th St, 1535.11
Cuthbertson, Laura, Pa0050Abo House Trailer Sits O N Reeves Property-Sec:7 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 29663 Lookout Rd, 803.31
Dailey, Larry Leonard/Carolyn Frances Dailey, Oc0086 Lt 14 & 15 Blk 12-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 324 Lincoln St, 274.39
Damron, Trisha, Oc1160 Lt 7 Blk 4 J C Chest Nut Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-J C Chestnut'S Add (Osawa Blk: Lot:, 823 Chestnut, 271.98
Danciak, Kevin M/Lara W Danciak, Lc0191 Lts 1-2-3 Blk 42 Sims & Doyle Addn-Sec:31 Twp:16 Rng:25-Sims & Doyle Add. Louisbu Blk:42 Lot:1, 404 S Mulberry St, 1008.14
Darneal, Linda, Oc1953 Lts 30-31 Blk 2 Mccl Ay Hts-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Mc Clay Heights (Osawatom Blk:2 Lot:30, 134 14th St, 1001.60
Darrington, Gregory R/Kathleen D Darrington, We0132A1 Access Road-Value Too Low To Assess-Sec:23 Twp:16 Rng:24-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 W 363Rd St, 24.91
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Pa0212 All th Pt Ne4 Lyg S Bull Crk E Of B N Rr & E Santa Dr-Sec:20 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 31291 Santa Fe Dr, 225.48
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Pa0213 All th Pt Ne4 Lyg Be T B N Rr & Bull Crk Se Old 169 Hwy & N O-Sec:20 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Santa Fe Dr, 44.12
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Pa0214 Pt Ne4 1.84 Ac Tr B Eg Inter Old 169 Hwy & E Li B N Rr N150'-Sec:20 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Old Kansas City Rd, 27.15
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Oc0451 Lt 13 Blk 78 Ellensv Ille Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Ellensville (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 708 Pacific, 732.43
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Oc0621 S12.5' Lt 8 & N2 Lt 9 Blk 1 Newmans Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Newman Add (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 929 6th St, 641.37
Daulton, Wayne L/Tammie J Daulton, Oc0622 S2 Lt 9 & N22' Lt 10 Blk 1 Newmans Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Newman Add (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 931 6th St, 532.50
Davis, Candace, Nwc Nw4 S1043.8' th S280' E1502.9' Ne727' W1040.9' Sw70.6' S330.3' W709.4' To Pob Less Rd Row-Sec:19 Twp:16 Rng:25-Blk: Lot:, 0 W 263Rd St, 500.88
Davis, Fredrick C, St0284A2 Tr Beg 2317.6'N Sw C Or Sw4 Ese760.7' N39 9.9' W478.8' Swly424-Sec:33 Twp:17 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Bethel Church Rd, 1215.72
Davis, Fredrick C, St0284B1 Tr Beg 1582.4'N Sw C Or Sw4 Ese725.1' N44 4.8' Wsw747.4' S444.-Sec:33 Twp:17 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Bethel Church Rd, 571.35
Davis, Fredrick C, Oc0186 Lt 16 & W5' Lt 17 Bl K 21-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 730 Main St, 1392.33
Davis, Fredrick C, Oc0187 Lt 18 & E45' Lt 17 B Lk 21-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 722 Main St, 645.94
Davis, Fredrick C, Oc0188 W44' Lt 19 Blk 21-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 716 Main St, 498.93
Davis, Gilbert L/Heather Marie Davis/Kenneth O Barnes, Annexed Ord #3641 18-Jun-08-Sec:1 Twp:18 Rng:22-Blk: Lot:, 34170 High Dr, 866.90
Davis, Steven, Oc1505 W 5Ft Lt 9 All Lt 8 Blk 2 Jones Addn-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Jones Subd Lts 11 Crane'S Blk: Lot:, 1017 Pacific, 199.37
De Grande, Carl J/Terry L De Grande, St0113A2 Tr Beg Nw Cor E2Ne4 S680' E970' N680' W9 70' To Pob Less Co R-Sec:5 Twp:17 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 35333 W 287th St, 2883.11
De La Torre, Rulber/Nereyda Torres, E/2 E/2 Sw/4 Ex Sec Sw/4 662.7' W 265.4' N To Pob th 139.7' N 67'Ely 138.1'S 46.4'-Sec:9 Twp:16 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 W 255th St, 125.43
Dees, Preston G/Ruth E Dees, Pa0123 E2 W2 Sw4 Less Row-Sec:14 Twp:17 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 22080 W 311th St, 731.92
Deforest, Robert, Sc0133 Tr Beg 20'S & 209'W Ne Cor Nw4 S189' W20 Ft S671' W396' N597-Sec:23 Twp:18 Rng:25-Blk: Lot:, 2415 W 359th St, 984.00
Degrande, David C, Tr Beg 1060.1W Se Co Se4 W260 N542.3 E259 .9 S546 To Pob Less Rd Row-Sec:12 Twp:17 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 W 303Rd St, 874.02
Delao, Gilberto/Dolores Adelita Delao, Md0254A1Z Tr Beg 1666.8'E Sw C Or Ne4 N660.1' E320' See Notes-Sec:34 Twp:18 Rng:22-Blk: Lot:, 32190 W 379th St, 638.40
Dent, Jason S/Whitney L Dent, Pc1773 Pt Tract 7 16-17-23 Vallier Ac Tr Beg 31 0.55'W & 192'S Inter-Sec:16 Twp:17 Rng:23-Valter Acres (Paola) Blk: Lot:, 1008 Pawnee Dr, 1945.34
Derousse, Glennda L, Lc0506F28 Lt 1 Blk 6 the Lake Subdiv Phase II-Sec:32 Twp:16 Rng:25-Lake (the) Subd Phase 2 Blk:6 Lot:1, 401 Lakeview Dr, 2397.01
Dial, Rebecca J, Oc0864 W10' Lt 8 & E24' Lt 9 Blk 4 Youmans Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Youmans Add (Osawatomie) Blk:4 Lot:8 & 9, 131 Pacific, 532.31
Diatom LLC, My0100 S2 Nw4, N2 Sw4, & N4 76.85' Sw4 Sw4 Less Rd Row-Sec:27 Twp:15 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Columbia Rd, 1633.29
Diatom LLC, My0102 Tr Beg 846.1'S Ne Co R Nw4 W1445' S471.94 Ft E1445' N472.67'-Sec:27 Twp:15 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 22468 Columbia Rd, 4968.98
Diatom LLC, My0104 Se4 Ne4-Sec:28 Twp:15 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Columbia Rd, 66.16
Dickie, James Davis, Swc Sw4 E473 th N962 E712.1 S962.2 W704.5 To Pob Less Rd Row-Sec:32 Twp:15 Rng:22-Blk: Lot:, 35582 W 239th St, 1811.69
Dickson, George M, Mc0196A4 Tr Beg 25'N & 20'E S W Cor Sw4 N635' E310 ' S635' W310' To Pob-Sec:22 Twp:17 Rng:24-N/A Blk: Lot:, 31885 Beaver Creek Rd, 1050.06
Dodd, Richard N/Margaret J Dodd, We0307 Tr Beg 362.4W Ne/C S E4 th W297.3 S439.5 E297.6 N439.5 To Pob-Sec:18 Twp:16 Rng:25-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 W 259th St, 939.65
Dodson, Roy E/Marcia A Peterson, Pc0285 E 23 Ft Lt 2 Blk 35-Sec:16 Twp:17 Rng:23-Paola (Re-Survey) Blk:35 Lot:Pt 2, 9 W Wea St, 6755.90
Doerfler, Brady S/Shelby P Kitchen, Sc0086A2 Tr Beg 1078.81'N Sw Cor Sw4 N396' E1653. 33' S396' W1653.33'-Sec:17 Twp:18 Rng:25-N/A Blk: Lot:, 35715 Metcalf Rd, 3827.18
Doudna, Mark A, Os0377A2 N200' Se4 Ne4 Less C O Rd Row-Sec:12 Twp:18 Rng:21-N/A Blk: Lot:, 34530 Pressonville Rd, 439.13
Dougan, Michael O, St0151A1 Tr Beg 430.2'N & 25' E Sw Cor Nw4 N639.8' Sely347.2' S449.3'-Sec:10 Twp:17 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 29763 Crescent Hill Rd, 401.40
Driver, Leigh A/Suzanne E Jorgensen, Tm0304A2 Tr Beg 3957'S Nw Cor Nw4 E1320' S75' W13 20' N75' To Pob 2.1-Sec:34 Twp:16 Rng:24-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Somerset Rd, 102.85
Duff, Paul J/Karen R Duff, Sc0251Z-Sec:7 Twp:19 Rng:25E-N/A Blk: Lot:, 8181 W 391St St, 7496.65
Dunbar II, John Paul/Rebekah L Dunbar, Oc0347 W2 Lt 9 & E2 Lt 8 Bl K 65 Ellensville Add & All th Pt Blk 65-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Ellensville (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 707 Main St, 852.69
Earth Designs Inc, My0084 All th Pt Nw4 Lying W Rr Less Row 15 Ac-Sec:25 Twp:15 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 19991 W 223Rd St, 1611.08
East To West LLC, Pc0977 Lt 6 Blk 125-Sec:16 Twp:17 Rng:23-Paola (Re-Survey) Blk: Lot:, 602 E Miami St, 2626.22
Egner, Joseph P, S53 N108 Lts 9-10 Bl K 24 See Notes-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk:24 Lot:9 & 10, 407 5th St, 1457.41
Eller, Carolyn J, Oc0873 Lt 5 Blk 5 Youmans A Ddn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Youmans Add (Osawatomie) Blk:5 Lot:5, 133 E Pacific, 391.22
Embley, Lynn E, Oc0152 Lt 6 & 7 Blk 20 (Oc0153)-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk:20 Lot:6, 721 Lincoln St, 972.96
Embley, Lynn E, Oc0884 See Notes-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Youmans Add (Osawatomie) Blk:7 Lot:1, 331 E Mill, 1184.63
Embley, Lynn E, Oc0037 Lt 9 Blk 8-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 732 Lincoln St, 1800.74
Erickson, Shirley, Oc0574 W3 Lt 18 E45 & S71 W 5 Lt 19 & S71 Lt 20 Blk 98 Ellensville A-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Ellensville (Osawatomie) Blk: Lot:, 428 Chestnut, 1470.01
Everhart, Michael A/Janette W Everhart, St0272 E2045' Nw4 & Tr Beg 825'W Se Cor Nw4 S55 0' W396' S1100' Nwly-Sec:32 Twp:17 Rng:22-Blk: Lot:, 0 W 327th St, 611.45
Ewalt Trustee, Allen W, Mc0449 N2 Se4 Less Co Rd Ro W 80 Ac-Sec:33 Twp:17 Rng:25-N/A Blk: Lot:, 33180 Mission Belleview Rd, 1542.93
Ewalt Trustee, Allen W, Mc0449A1 S2 Se4 Less Rd Row-Sec:33 Twp:17 Rng:25-N/A Blk: Lot:, 5390 W 335th St, 367.04
Ewalt, Cory W, Bolg Per Hearing-Sec:33 Twp:17 Rng:25-N/A Blk: Lot:, 5390 W 335th St, 1061.34
Fanning, thomas Clayton, Og0246A5 Life Estate For Jimmy J Van Loenen-Sec:7 Twp:19 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 39470 Lone Star Rd, 1193.14
Farmer, Belinda K/Melissa A Henning, My0340 Tr Beg 699.2'S Ne Co R Ne4 S1000' W107' T O C/L Ten Mile Ck Nl-Sec:15 Twp:16 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 25580 Columbia Rd, 255.03
Fawbush, Donald, Va0264A3 Special Assessment-Noxious Weed-Sec:6 Twp:18 Rng:23-N/A Blk: Lot:, 28315 W 335th St, 404.21
Federal National Mortgage Association, My0549 Tr Beg Sw Cor Sw4 N6 60' E268.49' S660' W 268.49' To Pob 4.07A-Sec:36 Twp:16 Rng:23-Blk: Lot:, 20690 W 287th St, 2514.43
Federal National Mortgage Association, Oc0114 Lt 14 Blk 18-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 426 Parker St, 689.13
Feebeck, Terry L/Laura Anne Feebeck, Oc1201 Lt 18 Blk 1 Caffrey & Sheldon-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-Caffery & Sheldon Add.Osa Blk: Lot:, 1124 Pacific, 740.43
Felman, Shirley/Nathan Felman, Oc0932 Lt 4 Ex E3' Youman'S 2Nd Add-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Youmans Add #2 (Osawatomi Blk: Lot:, 315 Walnut St, 164.67
Fennel, Joyce, My0655-Sec:15 Twp:16 Rng:23-Fargo Add (Hillsdale) Blk: Lot:6, 208 Ash St, 254.44
Fields Real Estate Investment, Tr Beg 50N Sw/C Lt 2 Amity Pointe Subd th N175 E260 S175 W260 To Pob-Sec:30 Twp:16 Rng:25-Amity Pointe Blk: Lot:2, 106 E Crestview Dr, 9063.58
Fire Living Trust, Dawn, Tr Beg Nw/C Lt 1 Bar V4 Ranch Subdivision th S1180 Sely673.7 E 35 N1320 W695 To Pob-Sec:1 Twp:16 Rng:24-Bar V4 Ranch Blk: Lot:, 9969 W 239th St, 5099.43
Fish, Cassie Jo/Geoffrey M Fish, Mc0034Z Tr Beg Nw Cor Nw4 E9 28.66' S1057.75' W52 7.53' S105.25' W395.-Sec:3 Twp:17 Rng:24-N/A Blk: Lot:, 14173 W 287th St, 900.62
Folsom, theodore R/Sharon L Folsom, Os0315A6 N2 S2 Sw4 Sw4 Less R D Row-Sec:27 Twp:18 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 37461 Crescent Hill Rd, 592.03
Ford, Ken E/Tami F Ford, Ri0213A9 Tr Beg 1990'N Sw Cor Sw4 N325' E1325' S3 25' W1325' To Pob-Sec:12 Twp:16 Rng:21-Blk: Lot:, 25175 Pleasant Valley Rd, 1436.67
Foster, Rachel L, Annexed Ord #3641 18-Jun-08-Sec:1 Twp:18 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 30120 W 341St Ter, 1812.12
Foulk Jr, Kenneth L, Oc0058 Lt 14 & E5' Lt 13 Bl K 10-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 524 Lincoln St, 2029.87
Francis, Dwight D/Sherry L Francis, Oc1606-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-County Clerks Add (Osawat Blk: Lot:, 1147 4th St, 172.42
Franks, Joshua A/Crystal L Franks, Tr Beg Sw/C Blk 25 F Ontana City th E150 N165 W180 S165 E30 T O Pob-Sec:2 Twp:19 Rng:23E-Fontana (Re-Surveyed) Blk: Lot:, 200 E North Ave, 182.71
Freelander, David, Pc0256 All Lt 6 & W13' Lt 7 Blk 32-Sec:16 Twp:17 Rng:23-Paola (Re-Survey) Blk:32 Lot:, 2 E Peoria St, 4778.15
Frye, Carol, Oc1757 Lt 4 Blk 6 West Highlands Addn-Sec:10 Twp:18 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 1411 Parker St, 877.53
Funk, Leaann, Oc0756 Lts 12-13 Blk 2 Mill Ers Addn-Sec:11 Twp:18 Rng:22-Miller'S (Osawatomie) Blk:2 Lot:12, 223 Main St, 1788.97
G & S Convenience Store Inc, Oc1554K9C Tr Beg 790'N & 66.86 'E Sw Cor Nw4 E117.1 Ft Nnw90' Swly Alg-Sec:12 Twp:18 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 301 Eastgate Dr, 7621.05
Ganoung, Richard W, My0473T Tr Beg 826.9'S Nw Co R Nw4 E699.4' S271.9 Ft W674.4' N253.1'-Sec:26 Twp:16 Rng:23-Blk: Lot:, 27257 Columbia Rd, 1372.96
Garberg Farms LLC, Ne4 & N2 Se4 Less Rd Row-Sec:12 Twp:19 Rng:24-Blk: Lot:, 0 Jingo Rd, 1558.33
Garberg Farms LLC, Sw4 Exc Beg Nw/C Sw4 th E2253.6 S568.7 W2 246.1 N579.6 To Pob & Exc Beg Sw/C Sw4-Sec:7 Twp:19 Rng:25-Blk: Lot:, 0 Jingo Rd, 1093.56
Gast, Joseph A/Kerry D Gast, Ri0324 N2Ne4 Less Row 80 Ac-Sec:9 Twp:16 Rng:22-N/A Blk: Lot:, 0 Crescent Hill Rd, 841.84
Gast, Joseph A/Kerry D Gast, My0056 Lt 2 Sycamore Acres Subdivision-Sec:22 Twp:15 Rng:23-Sycamore Acres Lots 1-3 Blk: Lot:2, 22367 W 215th St, 4401.99
Generations Bank, Lt 5A Summerfield Ce Nter #2 Replat Lt 3 Summerfield Center-Sec:32 Twp:16 Rng:25-Summerfield Center #2 Blk: Lot:5A & 3, 0 Harvest Dr, 5280.26
Gillespie, Velinda L, Ri0215A1 Tr Beg 30'S & 1168.5 'E Nw Cor Nw4 E660' S1290' W660' N1290'-Sec:12 Twp:16 Rng:21-N/A Blk: Lot:, 39473 W 247th St, 1134.37
Gillespie, Velinda L, St0293 Lts 1-7 Northmorelan D Subd Exc Tr Beg Ne /C Lt 3 th S450 W484-Sec:34 Twp:17 Rng:22-Northmoreland (Osawatomie Blk: Lot:, 32035 W 327th St, 91.09
Gilmore School Inc, Lc0347E3V N62.4' Lt 5 & All Lt 6 Amity Pointe Subd-Sec:30 Twp:16 Rng:25E-Amity Pointe Blk: Lot:6, 201 Crestview Cir, 10723.89
Gilner, Bernard G/Barbara Gilner, St02