OMS student gets perfect score on state math assessment

Osawatomie Middle School seventh-grader Cassidy Tanck earned a perfect score of 380 on the state math assessment she took earlier this spring.

OSAWATOMIE — Whenever Osawatomie Middle School seventh-grader Cassidy Tanck brings home a good test score, her mother Buddy Jo often jokingly says: “What, you didn’t get a perfect score?”

That wasn’t the case when Cassidy brought home her state math assessment results, as Buddy Jo was left speechless.

Cassidy received a perfect score of 380 on the math portion of the Kansas Assessment Program test given to students earlier this spring.

At first, Cassidy wasn’t sure what to make of the results. The score report showed that for the second year in a row, she received a Level 4 score, which is the highest possible.

But the speedomter-style score tracker appeared to be missing its needle. She quickly realized the needle was all the way to the right because 380 is the highest score possible.

“Cassidy received the highest score I’ve seen on a Kansas math state assessment,” seventh-grade math teacher Bart Needham said. “She is a very talented math student and works very hard in the classroom. We have a team-based learning curriculum, and she is great about making the students around her better. She has a bright future ahead of her, and her math skills will open a lot of doors.”

Cassidy said she’s pleased with the results, but math isn’t even her favorite subject. She prefers reading.

Those skills were also on display during the state assessments, as she received a Level 4 score in English Language Arts for the second straight year.

Cassidy doesn’t have any secret study tips, but she does try to complete all of the week’s math homework on Monday when she and her classmates get it from the teacher. She then enjoys helping her younger brother, who attends Trojan Elementary.

Buddy Jo said she is proud of her daughter, and she encourages Cassidy to set her goals high.

Cassidy said she’s not exactly sure yet what career path she will pursue, but she’d like to work with animals, particularly birds of prey.

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