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The city of Osawatomie is planning to launch a two-month campaign Sept. 1 to rid the community of vehicles in violation of city nuisance regulations.

OSAWATOMIE — The city of Osawatomie is mobilizing this fall to rid the community of inoperable vehicles that are violating city nuisance regulations.

On Sept. 1, city officials will begin notifying persons or property owners found to have a motor vehicle deemed to be a nuisance, according to a city news release. The stepped-up enforcement campaign will run through October.

The city’s current ordinance states that a motor vehicle is considered a nuisance if it is untagged, unregistered, inoperable or wrecked, according to the release.

A vehicle will be presumed to be junked or inoperable if there is an absence of current registration plates or one or more parts necessary for operation upon a city street or state highway, according to the release. The vehicle is also considered to be abandoned or inoperable if it is placed on supports.

Once a vehicle has been determined a nuisance, the owner will be notified of the violation and given 10 days to resolve the matter. If the owner fails to take care of the issue within the allotted time frame, a complaint may be filed with the Osawatomie Municipal Court, in which case the owner could be subjected to a fine. Additionally, city officials may ask the City Council to remove and impound the vehicle, with all associated costs to be filed as a lien against the property.

If necessary, the city could sell the vehicle at a public auction to cover the expense of resolving the nuisance, according to the release.

City officials said they are hopeful that by announcing this enforcement campaign now, owners will comply by removing nuisance vehicles before the city starts issuing notices in September.

Anyone with questions about the ordinance or about how they can abate a nuisance before receiving a notice should contact the Osawatomie Codes Department at (913) 755-2146, ext. 102.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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