Santa Claus holds quadruplets recently born to a Louisburg couple. Despite his busy schedule, Santa found time to visit with Josh and Kaitlin Hartman, and their four newborns (from left), Teagan, Braylon, Ainsley and Sadie. The quadruplets were born on Nov. 17.

LOUISBURG — At 12:59 p.m. Nov. 17, Kaitlin and Josh Hartman heard the words so many new parents love to hear, “It’s a girl!” Then, just two minutes later, they heard, “It’s a boy!” But, the Hartmans weren’t done. They had two more girls to go, born within the next three minutes.

The Hartmans’ quadruplets were born Nov. 17 at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. The babies — three girls and one boy — were premature after just 30 weeks and one day in the womb and 67 days of hospitalized bed rest for their mother. The four Hartman children are still in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the hospital and are doing well.

“These babies truly are miracles from God,” Josh said.

Teagan Atalie, the oldest by a mere two minutes, weighed 3 pounds 1.9 ounces and was 15 inches long. Braylon James, the lone boy, weighed 2 pounds 14.5 ounces and was 15 inches long. Ainsley Elia was born at 1:02 p.m. and weighed 2 pounds 3 ounces and was 13-3/4 inches long. Sadie Amarisa was born at 1:04 p.m. and weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces and was 15 inches long.

Josh said it is expected the babies will be able to be brought home by his wife’s original due date of Jan. 25, 2018. There is a possibility one or more of the babies could be discharged prior to Christmas or the new year, he said. As for now, the couple continues to view the hospital as their home away from home.

“As of now, our babies are still in the NICU, so we are spending many hours each day at the hospital until they are able to come home,” Josh said.

Married in 2014, the couple received infertility treatments for a little more than a year prior to finding out they were pregnant. The two and their families have been part of the Louisburg community for more than a decade.

“It was funny,” Josh said. “At first, they told us we were pregnant with triplets. We went home and had to process that and didn’t talk for two days. When we came back a week later, they told us that one was hiding the last time and we were really having quadruplets. I’m glad we found out early on so we could prepare.”

Kaitlin said, “Seeing these four beautiful faces and hearing their sweet cries upon arrival was the happiest moment in our lives.”

Being the parents of quadruplets will be a huge challenge, but also will come with huge rewards, Josh said.

“Even though having four babies at the same time was never a part of my plan for my life, if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Josh said. “One of the most exciting things about having four babies at the same time is how close our family will be, not just in age but also relationally. Kaitlin and I have always hoped that our kids would be best friends.”

Kaitlin worked in the Olathe School District as an occupational therapist, but with having quadruplets, she will be a stay-at- home mom. Josh is a part owner of his father’s excavating company, Hartman Excavating.

The couple invites everyone to read more of about the quadruplets on Kaitlin’s blog at www. 4everblessed.blog. There is also an account set up to help the Hartmans deal with the expenses of having quadruplets at www.gofundme.com/4everblessed.

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