Louisburg Nursey & Greenhouse

Louisburg Nursery & Greenhouse took first place in the garden nursery category of the Best of Miami County.

LOUISBURG — The Myron Schluter family knows something about garden nurseries.

The family owned business, Louisburg Nursery & Greenhouse, was founded in 2001. It grows all of its own annuals, hanging baskets, patio pots, vegetable starts, herbs and other items on 25 acres in rural Louisburg that includes 14 greenhouses used to grow its plant materials, according to the company’s website www.louis burgnursery.com

The nursery and greenhouse business, which is located at 10860 W. 271st St., caters to retail and wholesale customers, according to the website.

Louisburg Nursery & Greenhouse offers a variety of annuals for flower beds and containers, perennials of all kinds and “one of the largest selections of succulents in the Kansas City area,” according to the website.

In addition to the company’s selection of vegetables and herb starter plants, it has a selection of hanging baskets and planters and provides custom potting and design.

Louisburg Nursery & Greenhouse took first place in the garden nursery category of the Best of Miami County this year.

The company’s wholesale customer base includes landscapers, garden centers, hardware stores, grocery stores, commercial clients and others, according to the website.

The business custom grows to its wholesale customers’ exact flower requirements for all of the spring annuals, tropical plants such as hibiscus and mandeville, as well as fall mums ranging from 4-inch pots up to three-foot diameter mega mums, according to its website.

Other services it offers are job site delivery, customized schedules, and design services.

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