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Visitors purchase specialty cheeses at Rocking Goat Farms during the 2017 Miami County Farm Tour. This year, Rocking Goat Farms won the Best Agritourism category of Best of Miami County.

Rocking Goat Farms started in 2008 when owner Michael Amen decided to return to his farming roots and purchased five acres in the country.

“Soon after, I purchased two milking does from a Craigslist ad, a cheesemaking book, and a small flock of chickens,” Amen writes on the farm’s website. “At that time, I had no idea that this simple yearning would morph into Rocking Goat Farms.”

The small farm and goat dairy, which produces a variety of food products, has become a popular agritourism destination at 37126 New Lancaster Road.

Featured on the 2019 Miami County Farm Tour, Rocking Goat Farms offers goat cheeses, goat milk fudge, goat milk soaps, fresh free range eggs, raw milk and handspun yarn from the farm’s sheep and llamas.

Rocking Goat Farms took first place in the Best Agritourism category of Best of Miami County for 2019.

The working farm also provides tours to individuals, and encourages school group tours. The farm’s website offers more information about the tours and recommends the attire one should wear when touring a farm operation.

Rocking Goat Farms’ motto, in a nutshell, describes what agritourism is all about: “Real food from real famers.”

For more information, go online to www.RockingGoatFarms.com, call (303) 870-3785, or send an email to mamen1266@aol.com.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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