Spotty showers were back a week or so ago. I was driving my little red car with the top down thinking I could make it home without any problems. My roof is not one of those with automatic powers. It is manual… pull and struggle to get it up and then get clamps aligned and secured in place.

The Battle of Osawatomie was an effort by John Brown and 30-45 Free State defenders of Osawatomie to delay the looting and burning of Osawatomie by a force of 250 proslavery militia men led by John Reid until the citizens of Osawatomie could escape to safety on Aug. 30, 1856.

Several of you expressed interest in the organization of the Kansas Republican Party at Osawatomie’s Osage Valley House back on May 18, 1859. Fortunately, there are plenty of firsthand accounts of the event available, and I am able to answer your questions.

More often than we’d like to admit we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot when talking about the challenges we face in farming and ranching. These conversations with our friends, neighbors and family members take place at the local café, filling station, after church or Friday evening ball games.