Goodness me! It is about tme to turn off the rain.

We have incurred more than enough. The rivers and creeks are swollen with run-off from the landscapes around Kansas. Some lakes are ready to leak. How much more can we take?

I lost my love for rain several weeks ago when the ground had dried enough for my neighbor to till our garden. It was an exciting time… watching the tiller bring soil to the surface, seeing the bazillion worms that love my soil, and mixing it all over to plant crops.

My two grand-daughters were so excited. They wished to get the seeds planted NOW. So, we did. Needless to say, the next day brought downpours and puddles and floated the seeds away.

I have a large neighborhood garden at Holy Trinity School that is under construction with a grant I received from First Option Bank — the Carl and Beth Gump Educational Fund. I’m grateful for the opportunity bestowed by them.

The Gumps, being true legends in our community, were always praising me on my teachings and activities with the environment. I will be indebted to them forever, as well as the students at my school and the neighborhood around us for the good food we produce.

I have noted that two sizeable and prominent pieces of property in Paola have recently sold. The first one being the ornamented and cherished land and buildings at Ursuline. I highly regard and respect the entirety of this sacred property. I have heard what is proposed but worry about the reality of what will transpire.

To those of you who attended Ursuline Academy long ago, the memories you embrace are priceless.

If you were lucky enough to know Sister Charles back in what some would call the olden days of Paola, she was a spiritual and spirited and beloved individual… irreplaceable. She is buried there among many other holy leaders. I think about her feelings and thoughts on the transfer of land.

My hopes are that the new owners will be stewards of this sacred land. Change with compassion, sanctity, benevolence and kindness in your heart.

The other property about which I hold concerns is the “peppermint barn” land across from the golf course. This property also sold. I’m not sure about the revered presence of this land, but I do know of its beauty and welcoming presence to those entering visitors to Paola.

The large convivial home is masterfully built and a beauty of its time. The trees must be at least 100 years old and guard the home with elegance and style. The Messers, who at one time owned this land, kept it impeccably attractive.

But the barns and the silo are the real eyecatchers. You can’t miss them.

I encourage the new owners of this property to treat it with grace and stewardship. It is home to many passing waterfowl, my morning hawk to whom I wave when it sits on the wire there, and numerous birds who find the lake shore a place to quench their thirst.

I guess I worry about big changes to the land I love around Paola.

I encourage fishermen and women to report some of their catches to me so that I may share them with our readers. In between the raindrops there has to be some fishing going on.

Beth Conner is a Miami County resident, teacher and outdoor enthusiast

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