Dear Editor,

This is a letter to the county commissioners and road and bridge crew:

When the river overflows and crosses the streets and highways, a detour sign (water is over the road) goes up at 391st Street telling Linn County residents (non taxpayers) that travel up Hedge Lane that water is over the road and turn at 391st to detour to 7 Highway.

The next detour sign is at 363rd Street (Blacksmith Hill). There is no detour there, the Miami County taxpayers have to go all the way back to 391st Street.

My question is why are the Linn County taxpayers being accommodated and not the actual taxpayers? Why not several over-the-road signs before 363rd Street?

If you live in Fontana, you cannot see the detour sign on Hedge Lane and must drive to 391st Street, and if the water is over the road then you make a U-turn and continue back on Hedge Lane.

I am just asking for several concerned Miami County taxpayers.

Paula Hambleton


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