LOUISBURG — When you win a championship, there is a target on your back.

Other teams want what you have. That target just keeps getting bigger for the Louisburg Barracudas swim team.

Louisburg has won 10 consecutive South Suburban Swim League championships and is after its 11th this season.

The Barracudas won their first three meets to open the 2019 summer season.

Louisburg opened the season with a 316-175 victory against Golden Valley in Clinton, Mo., on June 8. The Barracudas celebrated its season opener with a 389-119 win against rival Harrisonville on June 15. Louisburg went to Kansas City, Mo., to defeat the Woodson Sharks on the road 300-233 on June 22.

Claire Brown (13-14 girls) and Samuel Johnson (11-12 boys) each turned in five-first place performances to lead the Louisburg Barracudas past the Woodson Sharks.

Reese Smith (9-10 girls), Carla Bockelman (8-and-under girls) and Maddie Prettyman (15-and-over girls) each won four events.

Brown placed first in the 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke and 200 individual medley. Lola Edwards, Emma Prettyman, Kasi Tune and Brown placed first in the 200 medley relay. Garbirella Martire, Edwards, Prettyman and Brown won the 200 freestyle relay.

Johnson won the 50 freestyle, 50 butterfly and 50 backstroke. Josiah McCaskill, Colton Prettyman, Connor Aadland and Johnson placed first in the 200 medley and won the 200 freestyle.

Smith placed first in the 50 freestyle and 50 breaststroke. She joined Ella Bockelman, Cricket McIntire and Meg Johnson to win the 100 medley relay and 100 freestyle relay.

Clara Bockelman won the 25 freestyle, 25 butterfly and 25 breaststroke. June Hill, Ivy Dischinger, Vivian Goode and Bockelman placed first in the 100 freestyle relay.

Maddie Prettyman won the 50 butterfly, the 50 backstroke and the 200 individual medley. Melia Rice, Emma Johnson, Mary McElyea and Prettyman placed first in the 200 freestyle relay.

Other results for the Louisburg Barracudas were:



  • 25 freestyle: Vivian Goode, second; Ivy Dischinger, fifth; June Hill, sixth
  • 25 breaststroke: Goode, second
  • 25 backstroke: Goode, first; Hill, fifth


  • 100 medley relay: Merritt McIntire, Lila Edwards, Macy Hughes, Michaela Casey, second
  • 50 freestyle: Cricket McIntire, second; Ella Bockelman, third; Lila Edwards, fourth; Hughes, fifth
  • 50 butterfly: Cricket McIntire, first; Hughes, second; Edwards, third; Meg Johnson, fourth; Merritt McIntire, fifth
  • 50 breaststroke: Cricket McIntire, second; Edwards, fourth
  • 50 backstroke: Bockelman, first; Reece Smith, second; Casey, third
  • 100 individual medley: Hughes, first; Bockelman, second; Johnson, third
  • 100 freestyle relay: Hughes, Edwards, Casey, M. McIntire, second


  • 200 medley relay: Hannah Farrington, Ashley Branine, Ella Dischinger, Janie Harth, first
  • 50 freestyle: Dischinger, first; Branine, second; Farrington, fourth; Harth, fifth
  • 50 butterfly: Dischinger, second
  • 50 breaststroke: Dischinger, first; Farrington, third; Harth, fourth; Kasi Tune, fifth
  • 50 backstroke: Farrington, first; Harth, fourth; Tune, fifth; Alessandra Martire, sixth
  • 200 individual medley: Tune, third
  • 200 freestyle relay: Dischinger, Farrington, Harth, Tune, second


  • 50 freestyle: Emma Prettyman, second; Lola Edwards, third
  • 50 butterfly: Prettyman, first; Edwards, second
  • 50 breaststroke: Edwards, third
  • 200 individual medley: Prettyman, second


  • 200 medley relay: Maddie Prettyman, Emma Johnson, Mary McElyea, Shayla Aye, second
  • 50 freestyle: McElyea, second; Melia Rice, fourth; Johnson, sixth
  • 50 butterfly: McElyea, second; Aye, sixth
  • 50 breaststroke: McElyea, first; Rice, third; Johnson, fifth; Aye, sixth
  • 50 backstroke: Rice, second
  • 200 individual medley: Johnson, fifth.



  • 25 freestyle: Matthew Farrington, second; Bennett Mendez, fourth
  • 25 butterfly: Mendez, fourth
  • 25 breaststroke: Mendez, first, 28.02; Farrington, second
  • 100 medley relay: Farrington, first


  • 100 medley relay: Matthew Farrington, Andrew Jamison, Colin Brown, Bennett Mendez, second
  • 50 freestyle: Jamison, first
  • 50 butterfly: Brown, first
  • 50 breaststroke: Jamison, first; Brown, second
  • 50 backstroke: Jamison, first
  • 100 individual medley: Brown, first


  • 50 freestyle: Josiah McCaskill, second; Connor Aadland, fourth; Colton Prettyman, fifth
  • 50 butterfly: Aadland, second
  • 50 breaststroke: McCaskill, first; Prettyman, second
  • 50 backstroke: Aadland, second; Prettyman, fifth


  • 200 medley relay: Cooper Hipp, Braden Branine, Josh Holtzen, Ryder Ross, second
  • 50 freestyle: Hipp, third; Holtzen, fourth; Branine, fifth
  • 50 breaststroke: Branine, second; Hipp, third; Holtzen, fourth
  • 50 backstroke: Hipp, third
  • 200 individual medley: Branine, fourth; Holtzen, fifth
  • 200 freestyle relay: Branine, Ross, Holtzen, Hipp, second


  • 200 medley relay: Bridger Baus, Cole Brown, Remington Rice, Drake Baus, second
  • 50 freestyle: Rice, third; Brown, fourth; Bridger Baus, fifth; Gareth Baus, sixth
  • 50 butterfly: Rice, second; B. Baus, third; G. Baus, fourth; Drake Burdine, fifth
  • 50 breaststroke: Brown, second; G. Baus, third
  • 50 backstroke: Bridger Baus, first; Rice, second; D. Baus, third; Burdine, fourth
  • 200 individual medley: Brown, third; D. Baus, fourth
  • 200 freestyle relay: Brown, G. Baus, Burdine, Rice, second.

Sports Editor Gene Morris can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or gene.morris@miconews.com.

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