Scott and Krista Lee have started a new tow service called Miami Tow and Recovery.

Scott and Krista Lee of Miami Purebred Herefords continue to find ways to help people from their 50-acre family farm near Fontana.

Last year, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lees donated about 600 pounds of their award-winning ground beef to the Harvesters distribution program at Cross Point Church.

When they heard just how many people that benefited, the Lees decided to make a similar donation again, which they did earlier this year.

“I was in disbelief that they helped so many people,” Scott said. “It was too good not to do again.”

Now, the Lees are embarking on a new business venture, which they hope can generate income while also helping people at the same time.

Scott said last summer he tried to contact a tow company three times while in need but was told they were too busy.

“What do we do when we need to tow a car on a weekend?” Scott remembers asking his wife, Krista. “We need to buy a tow truck, apparently.”

The comment may have been made off the cuff at the time, but it stuck with Scott, and last fall he ended up following through with it.

“It was 3 a.m. and I saw a tow truck for sale in an ad on my Facebook page, and I just kept looking at it,” Scott said.

They ended up making the purchase and started getting all of the details set up for their new tow business, which is called Miami Tow and Recovery, LLC.

Thanks to a loan from First Option Bank, the Lees got the tow business up and running earlier this year, and it has steadily grown as word of mouth has spread.

Scott said they give discounted rates to first responders and senior citizens, and their ultimate goal is still to help others.

He recounted a late-night call he received from a nurse who had locked her keys in her car. Scott said he was more than happy to come to her rescue, which ended up being easier than he thought since he discovered upon arrival that the passenger door was unlocked.

“I didn’t have the heart to charge her,” he said. “We like being able to offer that kind of help to people who are frustrated in these times.”

Miami Tow and Recovery can be reached by calling 913-368-3666.

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