LOUISBURG − When her two oldest sons were getting married, Nancy Paperi found spaces to host a bridal shower or luncheon to be overwhelming and overpriced. With two more children getting married next year, Paperi decided to do something about it, opening her own small event space in Louisburg.

Nancy Paperi and her partner, daughter Sarah Paperi, recently opened The Tiffin House at 301 S. Mulberry St. in Louisburg. The two hosted their first event in October and are now booking other events in the Cape Cod-style home, not far from Louisburg City Hall and the downtown Broadway district.

“We have a large Italian family and we always gather for celebrations,” Nancy said. “There is always something to celebrate.”

Nancy said it has been her dream to open a small event space to provide people with a place for similar celebrations, be it a gathering for a birthday party, bridal shower, ladies’ event, baby shower, or even a small wedding.

“I just wanted it to be a place for people to gather that was quaint, intimate and unique,” Nancy said. “I wanted it to be more of a gathering space than a large empty event space.

“Any celebration can be affordable, unique and feel like it is special. This home is open to whatever your vision is and however you want to use it,” she said.

Nancy and her husband, Matt, purchased the Louisburg home in 2016 and had to totally remodel and renovate the 1930s structure. They also had to gain approval from the Louisburg City Council for their plan, which was granted at the beginning of 2017.

Nancy fell in love with Louisburg and knew it was where she wanted to locate the event space.

“We were looking at different places in the metro area,” she said. “We live in Overland Park and I wanted to come south. When I was here, I just fell in love with the town.”

Louisburg reminds her of the town of Tiffin, Ohio, Paperi said, and Tiffin holds a special place in her heart.

“The Tiffin House name comes from the little town of Tiffin, Ohio,” she said. “I grew up in Michigan, but Tiffin was just two hours south of Detroit. My parents had family and friends in the area, so instead of lake weekends like people have around here, we would go to Tiffin and gather and have fun with friends and relatives.”

Nancy also loves to collect Depression-era glass such as that which was produced by the Tiffin Glass Company. She has Tiffin glass displayed throughout the event space.

The kitchen is a bright, inviting space featuring a retro look with a black-and-white checkered floor, aqua walls, white cabinets and pink appliances. The rest of the home was kept to a more neutral palette to more easily fit with people’s ideas for their events.

The two-level home features a large deck and a fenced-in backyard. Inside, about 40 people can be accommodated in the space, which features a gathering space, the kitchen, a dining room, a serving space and a bridal room. About 75 guests can be accommodated if also using the outdoor area.

For more information about the new Louisburg event space, visit its website at thetiffinhouseks.com or call (913) 522-3332.

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