Miami County Health Department

Miami County has 160 new Covid-19 cases – down 57 cases since Sept. 8. The county currently has 200 to 210 active cases, down from 225 active cases last Friday, Sept. 10.

Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Whelan delivered that news to county commissioners at their Wednesday, Sept. 15, meeting.

Two Miami County residents, a 52-year-old male and a 57-year-old male, have died since a Sept. 10 report, raising the county’s death toll to 55, according to the Miami County Health Department (MCHD). That’s an increase of 10 deaths since Aug. 18 when the count stood at 45.

Five county residents have been hospitalized in the past week, including one minor, Whelan reported.

“One new hospitalization statistic that we have not seen yet – we have a child between the ages of 10 and 17 that has been hospitalized with COVID,” Whelan said. “It’s the first time anybody under the age of 25 for Miami County has been hospitalized since this started.”

MCHD said it will not release more information about that patient at this time.

The county has recorded a total of 155 hospitalizations. The county has two new patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU), raising the county’s total to 30. Whelan’s report showed 30 hospitals in the northeast region of the state, which includes the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area, report 18 percent of staffed ICU beds are currently available.

By age group, Miami County residents who have been hospitalized are as follows: ages 10-17, one; ages 18-24, zero; ages 25-34, eight; ages 35-44, 10; ages 45-54, 23; ages 55-64, 39; ages 65-74, 31; ages 75-84, 31; ages 85 and older, 12, according to Whelan’s report.

Whelan said he did not have new information about clusters at this time. As of Sept. 10, the county had 56 breakthrough cases.

The county’s positivity test rate for the last two weeks is 10.7 percent.

Commission Chair Rob Roberts thanked Whelan for his report.

“Not good news,” Roberts said to the audience.

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