The Miami County Mobile Command Center was set up at the Miami County Fairgrounds within Paola’s Wallace Park on Tuesday, May 5, for the county’s first drive-through testing clinic for COVID-19.

PAOLA - Miami County’s first drive-through testing clinic for COVID-19 took place Tuesday, May 5, at the Miami County Fairgrounds within Paola’s Wallace Park.

A total of 27 people were tested for the virus, and they all volunteered to do so after indicating on a recent survey that they currently are symptomatic. The tests were sent to Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories for evaluation, and health department officials said results should be back by the end of the week.

The Miami County Health Department recently pushed out a survey asking county residents if they are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, and if so, would they be willing to participate in a free drive-through community testing clinic.

A total of 4,120 people completed the survey, and 156 indicated they were currently symptomatic. Of those, 27 people said they were interested in being tested and provided demographic and contact information to schedule themselves for the drive-through testing clinic, according to a release from the county health department.

The Miami County Health Department received assistance from Olathe Health, Paola Police Department, Miami County Sheriff’s Office and Miami County Emergency Management in coordinating Tuesday’s event.

The Miami County Health Department also reported Tuesday that there are no more active cases of COVID-19 in the county, as the most recent case is now considered recovered.

A total of 283 Miami County residents have been tested for the virus, and there have been five confirmed cases, all of which are now considered recovered, according to the health department.

Kansas has 5,458 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in 82 counties that have resulted in 566 hospitalizations and 137 deaths as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 5, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).

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