Miami County Health Department

Miami County has 225 active COVID-19 cases, and minors account for 110 of those cases.

Paola USD 368, Louisburg USD 416 and Osawatomie USD 367 school boards have COVID-19 mitigation strategies on their meeting agendas for Monday, Sept. 13. 

Miami County Health Department (MCHD) on Friday, Sept. 10, released an update on cases, as well as vaccination rates in each community.

The county has recorded a total of 3,722 cases, with 53 deaths and 56 breakthrough cases as of Friday, according to MCHD. 

By zip code/city, the following communities have active cases: Louisburg, 91; Paola, 64; Osawatomie, 49; Spring Hill, 14; Edgerton, three; Bucyrus, two, and Fontana, two.

MCHD reports that communities with active cases in the 0-17 age group are: Louisburg, 49; Paola, 28; Osawatomie, 24; Spring Hill, 7; Bucyrus, 1, and Edgerton, 1.

Of the 110 active cases in individuals 17 and under, cases have been recorded in each age group: ages 0-4, five cases; ages 5-10, 28 cases; ages 11-13, 39 cases, and ages 14-17, 48 cases.

MCHD reports 37 percent of Miami County residents are fully vaccinated. The department has administered 20,761 doses of vaccine since January.

The county’s four largest communities/zip codes have increased their percentage of vaccinated residents between Aug. 3 and Sept. 10. Paola went from 73 percent to 79 percent, Spring Hill (Miami and Johnson counties), from 50 percent to 55 percent; Louisburg, from 33 percent to 36 percent, and Osawatomie, from 29 percent to 31 percent.

Additionally, Fontana’s vaccination percentage (for Miami and Linn counties) during the same time period has increased from 36 percent to 39 percent, Bucyrus (Miami and Johnson counties) from 36 percent to 38 percent, and La Cygne (Miami and Linn counties) from 27 percent to 30 percent.

Five percent of the active cases are reporting no symptoms. The county’s positivity rate for the last two weeks is approximately 10-11 percent, according MCHD.

For more COVID-19 information, see MCHD’s Facebook page.

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