Circle Grove

Circle Grove is the site of the Louisburg school district office.

LOUISBURG — Louisburg USD 416 is planning to begin the new school year on Aug. 18 as originally scheduled, and families will be given three learning options for their students in the upcoming school year, according to district communication posted to a district school’s Facebook page early evening Wednesday, July 22.

In a letter to district parents/guardians, Superintendent Brian Biermann outlined details of the district’s plan moving forward after the Kansas State Board of Education on Wednesday morning did not affirm Gov. Laura Kelly’s executive order to keep schools closed until Sept. 8.

“After this order was not approved, our administrative team worked to come up with a plan to start school,” Dr. Biermann said in the letter. “Our local school board also supports our plan. Our plan will be to start school, for all K-12 students, on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Preschools at Circle Grove will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 19. This is the same date that school was originally set to start on the published calendar.

“We continue to work with our USD 416 Task Force to develop the best learning options for all students. The task force met this week and will meet again next Thursday, July 30,” Biermann said. “After the task force meets, we plan on finalizing the parent survey. The survey will be sent to parents on Friday, July 31.

“The survey will allow parents to select three learning options for the upcoming school year. These include: 1) attending school full-time, 2) attending physically in school and virtually, and 3) attending school virtually,” Biermann said in the letter. “More details as what these will look like will accompany the survey, as well as a list of FAQs developed by the task force.”

Biermann noted one change in the schedule.

“The only change to the start of school will be that we will not hold a freshmen and sixth grade transition day on Monday, Aug. 17. This will allow our staff and administration one more day to work on logistics and safety measures for the upcoming school year. Sixth graders and freshmen will still have opportunities to go up to the school the week before to get acclimated to the new building and their schedules.”

More information will be provided by school administrators in the coming days about these orientation days as well as back to school nights, Biermann said.

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year will be available via Skyward beginning on Monday, Aug. 3. On-site enrollment will still take place at LHS on Aug. 5 for families that wish to enroll in person, according to the superintendent’s communication.

Biermann said the status of extra-curricular activities is unknown.

“The Kansas State High School Activities Association has not decided on activities at this time,” Biermann said. “I assume we will get some communication and decision from them in the next week or so. Once we have this information, we will pass it along as well.”

Biermann addressed Gov. Kelly’s Executive Order 20-59, which did not require the state board’s affirmation and has already been signed. EO 20-59 outlines safety procedures schools must take, including face coverings, hygiene stations, temperature checks, and social distancing.

“At this time, the governor’s order (20-59) is in place regarding face coverings,” Biermann said. “I don’t know if this order will change before the start of school. If it does, we will communicate this information with you as well.”

Biermann said he appreciated everyone’s support and patience during this unprecedented time.

“We want to communicate with families as quick as possible, but we are faced with ever-changing mandates and guidelines that make it difficult to execute any communication plan with parents.

“I know we have the students, teachers, support staff, administrators, families and community to get us through these challenging times,” Biermann said. “Thanks for being supportive of our school district.”

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Starting school on August 18th is a HUGE risk and a HUGE miscalculation on behalf of our local district. When they say MASS GATHERINGS ARE NOT allowed why would school be any different? It’s a mass gathering. It’s already being shown that Covid-19 is being spread at nigh rates even amongst teenagers. Why then are we opening schools, putting our teachers and support staff and their families at risk. Yes, testing is proving more cases out there but our hospitals are also filling up with patients. That my friends is a bad thing to have happen. Gov. Kelly had it right at least to wait until after Labor Day. KCK public schools is doing online for the first 9 weeks. Until we Americans can prove we can bend the curve again and realize we are up against a natural disaster, we have no business using our children as guinea pigs as a test to prove one way or another that our kids are transmitting this and bringing it home to their families. Until a viable vaccine is available we all should take what ever precautions we can to stop the spread. Let’s use common sense and wisdom and. Stop the nonsense of using schools as daycares and for economic reasons. Life is more precious than this.

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