Tim Stevens of Seats, Incorporated (right) presents a book vending machine to the Dayton Creek Elementary School on behalf of the W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation. Pictured with Stevens is Principal Darcy Sly (left), Media Specialist Brianna Dalton and several excited students.

SPRING HILL — Students looking for potato chips and soda pop inside Dayton Creek Elementary’s newest vending machine are going to be out of luck, as the focus of the new addition is on literary cravings.

The W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Foundation recently donated a book vending machine to the elementary school in Spring Hill. The Foundation is the charitable arm of Nordic Group of Companies and gives support to communities where its companies are located. This includes Seats, Incorporated, in Spring Hill, a builder of seats for commercial lawn and turf equipment with 200 associates living in the community, according to a news release.

Brianna Dalton, the school’s media specialist, said students are able to choose a book from the vending machine to keep as a gift during their birthday month (or a designated month for summer birthdays). Students also receive incentives and are rewarded tokens used to receive a vended book of their choice from the machine. The school’s goal regarding the program is to promote literacy, encourage reading, and give students the opportunity to add to their home libraries, according to the release.

Tim Stevens, Seats plant manager, was present for the school’s unveiling ceremony in front of a group of eager young readers.

“We are very excited today to be able to present this book vending machine,” Stevens said. “And we look forward to supporting the Spring Hill school district for years to come.”

The W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Foundation’s contribution is one part of a community effort, including overall project coordination by the Spring Hill Education Foundation and funding to stock the machine with books by the Dayton Creek Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO).

Dalton expressed thanks during the ceremony for the contributors, as well as the general involvement of students, their families and the surrounding community.

Senior Managing Editor Brian McCauley can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or brian.mccauley@miconews.com.

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