The following bios were submitted by local 4-H seniors.

Shaylor Whitham

Shaylor is the daughter of Rusty and Karen Whitham.

She is a member of the Pathfinders 4-H Club and Louisburg FFA Chapter. She will be attending school at Pittsburg State University and majoring in nursing.

A large sum of her time growing up was being involved in her 4-H club the Pathfinders. Throughout her time in 4-H, she has been involved in several projects, but the one that has impacted her the most goes to the dog project. Attending countless shows and showing off their hard work at fair with her friends will forever be something she will miss most about the organization.

Knowing that the friends that have become family and the several life lessons she has accumulated throughout the years will carry over to college is the most rewarding part of both FFA and 4-H for her.

Eileen Benne

Eileen is the daughter of Mark and Kathy Benne.

Eileen lives in Bucyrus and has been a lifelong member of the Explorers 4-H Club. Her favorite 4-H projects are dog training, horse and constructed clothing. Eileen’s most rewarding 4-H moments have been qualifying for state constructed clothing after working hard on her projects.

Caleb McCullison

Caleb is son of Chris and Becky McCullison.

He is a member of Busy Beavers 4H Club. He is formerly of Fontana (now residing in Odessa, Mo.) and plans to attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., in the fall.

Caleb’s favorite 4H project was Robotics and his favorite memory is winning the Robotics championship at the fair in 2012 and 2013. He was also very grateful to receive the Peter Downey memorial scholarship this year.

Skylar Richards

Skylar lives in Osawatomie and has been in 4-H since she was 7 years old and was involved in the Heritage 4-H club.

About two years ago the Heritage club disbanded and she joined the Mound Builders 4-H Club, which had more opportunities.

Her mom is Morgan Richards and she did 4-H when she was Skylar’s age, and her dad is Phil Richards. Her favorite project is sheep. She said the sheep department is very helpful and they help each other whenever they can and she is proud to be involved. She will miss seeing improvement of herself showing and the others she has showed with for the past several years. In the fall, she will attend Fort Scott Community College, and she hopes to see more of the fair in years to come.

Ian Combs

Ian is an 11-year member of the Explorers 4-H Club. He is the son of John Combs of Olathe and Melinda Combs of Fort Scott. Ian was a resident of Louisburg for 17 years and now lives in Fort Scott. He plans to attend Fort Scott Community College in the fall and initiate classes to work toward a degree in construction management. He comes from a family of 4-Hers with his mother, sister and several cousins being alumni.

Ian’s favorite part of 4-H has been getting to know new people all the time and making many good friends during his years of involvement. He has enjoyed working with other 4-Hers and leaders as a member, officer and project leader and mentor to younger 4-Hers. Ian has enjoyed all of the projects he has participated in over his years in 4-H, but his favorite projects include woodworking and visual arts.

Ian sites his most rewarding experience during his years in 4-H as the opportunity to be a Kansas Delegate at the National 4-H Congress and getting to travel to Atlanta, Ga., and meet other 4-Hers from many other states and countries, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Mary Hrenchir

Mary is the youngest daughter of Bob and Nancy Hrenchir of Paola. She has enjoyed being a independent 4-H club member since she joined as a Cloverbud.

This fall, she plans on attending the University of Kansas and studying accounting. She has been active in both the Horse and Dog projects. My favorite is Dog Club, particularly Agility. The thing she enjoys most about the fair is the funnel cakes. The most rewarding part of 4-H for her is growing as a person and learning to be a value to the community.

Katie Seaman

Katie is the daughter of Jason and Jennifer Seaman of Ottawa. She belongs to the Progressive 4-H Club and was an active member in the Paola FFA Chapter.

Her future plans are to obtain an Associate of Science degree at Neosho Community College. She joined 4-H when she was 7 years old. Her very first project was bucket calf. Throughout the years, she did various projects, but raising her own herd of cattle and showing them at the fair was her favorite.

One of her favorite things about the Miami County Fair was showing her cattle. This is where all of the countless hours of tying, washing and walking her steers would pay off.

Over the years in 4-H, she had the opportunity to strengthen and utilize her leadership skills. She loved helping at day camps, being a camp counselor, becoming an Ambassador, and leading her club as president.

Isabelle Ure

Isabelle is the daughter of Dean and Mary Ure.

She is a member of the Trailblazers 4-H Club and plans to major in Interior Architecture at K-State.

She has always really enjoyed the activities and projects in 4-H. One of her favorite activities was when her club got together at the fair to see each members’ projects and celebrate their successes.

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