Several Paola High School students recently earned Microsoft Office Word Specialist certification thanks to a first-year program in Mary Beth Rayne’s Business and Technology Concepts class. Pictured are: (front row, from left) Alexander Rosich, Lillian Owens, Jenny Jones, Mimi Oberheide; (second row) Laudan Wilson, Paityn Hughes, Abby Robbins, Jayla Derrell, Ella Rolf; (third row) Brett Hudgeons, Grace Kinaman, Conner Mather, Brandon Smith; (back row) Truman VanDonsel, Ian Drummond and Marcial Velazquez.

PAOLA — Nearly 30 Paola High School students are now certified Microsoft Word specialists thanks to a first-time program offered this year.

Teacher Mary Beth Rayne offered the pilot program to the students in her Business and Technology Concepts Class, and she was pleased with the results.

In August 2019, all of her students took the exam as a pretest and failed. They then spent the semester learning and mastering Microsoft Word.

Rayne said 39 students took the test again Dec. 19, and 27 passed.

“The test is hard,” she said. “You really have to know what you are doing to pass.”

Certified individuals establish their ability to perform a number of Word tasks, such as creating and managing documents; formatting text, paragraphs and sections; creating tables and lists; applying references and inserting and formatting objects.

This semester, Rayne said her students will learn Microsft Excel and possibly Powerpoint.

The 27 students who earned Microsoft Office Specialist Word Certification are: Grace Kinaman, Brett Hudgeons, Paityn Hughes, Hayden West, Lillian Owens, Brandon Smith, Ian Drummond, Madisyn Robertson, Jenny Jones, Gavin Clark, Jayla Derrell, Ella Rolf, Laudan Wilson, Maddison Harper, Tatumn Trimmer, Mimi Oberheide, Samantha Lee, Marcial Velazquez, Vanessa Berrey, MaKayla Harper, Dalton Jackson, Conner Mather, Natalie Glassel, Alexander Rosich, Truman VanDonsel, Lilia Parks and Abigail Robbins.

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