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Music teacher Bonnie Wendt’s students performed during a piano recital Sunday, July 14, at Osawatomie High School. The cover art for the program was designed by Gracie Diediker.

OSAWATOMIE — Bonnie Wendt’s piano students from The Music Studio performed in front of a crowd of about 200 people during a recital Sunday, July 14, at Osawatomie High School.

Performers and their pieces were:

Cody Crouch, “Less Traveled;” Prestyn Wendt, “Rock of Ages;” Dillon Crouch, “Amazing Grace;” Kallie Brown, “The Star Spangled Banner;” Dalton Crouch, “How Great Thou Art;” Keiton Adams, American Medley; Brett King, “Jesus Loves Me;” Jackson King, “When The Saints Go Marching In;” Dalton Brown, “Over The Hill To Grandmother’s House;” Wyatt Far, “Tuba Player;” Danica Brake, “An Old Fashioned Waltz;” Elania Meyers, “Swans on the Lake;” Lydia Prothe, “Morning Call;” Kierra Brown, “The Deep Blue Sea;” Gracie Diediker; Erin Upshaw, “In the Forest Tall;” Prestyn Wendt, “Chariots of Fire;” Dillon Crouch, “The Wood Nymph’s Harp;” Ava Kehl, “Beth;” Dalton Crouch, “Cotton Fluff;” Hailie Fuller, “Canon;” Jack Burchett, “Frolicky Rollicky Wind;” Kallie Brown, “Moonlight Sonata;” Rachel Reimer, “Cristofori’s Dream;” and Cody Crouch, “Medley.”

Senior Cody Crouch also received special honor and recognition, and Rachel Reimer performed “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.”

Cody Crouch closed the event by performing “America the Beautiful.”

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