More than 100 4-H students from the Marais des Cygnes District, which covers Miami and Linn counties, competed Saturday, Feb. 23, in the annual 4-H Club Day.

4-H students competed in both individual and group events in 22 different areas during the event, which was held at Prairie View Middle School, according to a news release.

Students showed off their communication skills and talent during the competition. The 4-H members spent many hours practicing their speeches, demonstrations, skits, dance, plays, reading, vocal and instrumental music for the competition, according to the release.

Presentations that received a top purple rating went on to compete in the Regional 4-H Day in March at Wheat Ridge Middle School in Gardner.

The colors of 4-H Ribbons have different meanings. Purple Ribbons are awarded for superior mastery of skills that very nearly matches the ideal. Top Purples are those who presented the top one or two in their group that are the best of that category and age.

Blue Ribbons are awarded to those who show skills that are above average but not as original or creatively presented as a purple ribbon. Red Ribbons are for average performances showing average skill development. White Ribbons are for those that are close to meeting expectations but needs to continue to improve to reach the higher ribbons, according to the release.

The following designations for Marais des Cygnes District clubs are: BB: Busy Beaver, B: Busy Bugs, BW: Busy Workers, C: Cadmus, EX: Explorers, FC: Flying C, FR: Franklin, HGG: Happy-Go-Getters, HE: Heritage, HH: Hillsdale Hustlers, J: Jayhawkers, MB: Mound Builders, NH: New Horizons, PF: Pathfinders, PR: Progressive, PT: Parker Thunderbirds, SS: Shooting Sports, SHR: Spring Hill Rangers, TB: Trailblazers and TV: Twin Valley. IND is Independent 4-H students who don’t belong to a Community 4-H Club but still participate in 4-H through mentoring, according to the release.

Club Day ribbon placings were:

Model Meeting

  • Top Purple: Twin Valley 4-H Club (Cale Elkinton, Luke Elkinton, Maci Gerken, Emma Haley, James Haley, Jai Jenkins, Maryn Johnson, Konlee Johnson, Aaron Maxwell, Karlie McMullin, Cate Minden, Caleb, Levi Siders, Nate Siders and Emi Zeller)
  • Red: Hillsdale Hustlers 4-H Club (Devon Gainer, Cooper Gainer, Madyson Smotherman, Nicholas Nelson, Wyatt Nelson, Grace Richter, Clayton Richter, Ruby White, Saviah Cohen, Sue Barentine, Brookley McDowell, Rylin Owens and Clifford Sparks)


  • Top Purple: Barn Harvesters 4-H Club ( Maycee Conner, Haven Conner, Avery Atherton, Jadelynne Russell, Rylee Backmon, Haylee Beckmon, Aylee Backmon, Cierra Lindsey, Paul Haen, Josiah Haen, Aydan McCahon and Cheyenne Wingate) Trailblazers 4-H Club (Jackson Bollinger, Katie Sinclair, Selah Hadle, Keagan Sinclair, Carmen Sinclair, Isabelle Ure, Alana Bollinger, Adeline Stubner and Cael Sinclair)
  • Alternate Top Purple: Parker Thunderbirds 4-H Club (William Lloyd, Zoey Lloyd, Harley Singer, Timberlyn Browning, Cole Sharrow and Coltaun Bartlett)

One Act Play

  • Top Purple: Explorers 4-H Club (Mason White, Megan Benne, Sidney Wilson, Wyatt Guetterman, Annmarie Walton, John Guetterman, Anna Brizendine, Carter Schnaider, Afton Stuteville, Eileen Benne, Ian Combs, Sage Bogdanowicz, Adryan Foltz, Logan Shaddox, Sydney Shaddox and Dawson Foltz)

Group/Ensemble Dance

  • Top Purple: Spring Hill Rangers 4-H Club (Alyssa Sherron, Peyton Sherron, Brooklyn Sherron, Taylor Sherron, Ciara Arnold, Brenna Gillihan, Elizabeth Kaechele, Dylan McDonald and Amber McDonald)
  • Alternate Top Purple: Happy-Go-Getters 4-H Club (Christian Dunmeyer, Kylie Parke, Maddie Pertner, Gigi Pertner, Lana Eman, Andrea Gaus, Logan Aleander and Landon Alexander)

Senior Solos Dance

  • Top Purple: Haven Conner-BH

Intermediate Solo Dance

  • Top Purple: Megan Benne-EX

Senior Public Speaking

  • Top Purple: Jadelynne Russell-BH, Alyssa Sherron-SHR, Grace Young-MB
  • Blue: Atticus Sondy-HGG, Kyra Uphoff-MB

Vocal Ensemble

  • Top Purple: Barn Harvesters 4-H Club (Maycee Conner, Haven Conner, Rylee Backmon, Haylee Beckmon, Aylee Beckmon, Stefanie Koperski, Cheyenne Wingate, Cierra Lindsey and Avery Atherton) Twin Valley 4-H Club (James Haley and Emma Haley)
  • Alternate Top Purple: Explorers 4-H Club (Mason White, Carter Schneider, Adryan Foltz, Maddie Rogers, Keegan Rogers and Afton Stuteville)

Intermediate Instrumental Solos

  • Top Purple: Cole Holler-C, and Emma Haley-TV
  • Alternate Top Purple: Cierra Lindsey-BH, and Anna Brizendine-EX
  • Blue: Haylee Lanham-BB, Annabelle Shaw-BB, and Gavin Shaw-BB

Senior Instrumental Solos

  • Blue: Alexia McCullison-BB, and Elizabeth Kaechele-SHR
  • Red: Jadelynne Russell-BH, and Brenne Gillihan-SHR

Intermediate Vocal Solos

  • Top Purple: Emma Haley-TV
  • Blue: Amber McDonald-SHR, and Annabelle Shaw-BB

Senior Vocal Solos

  • Top Purple: Stefanie Koperski-BH, and Elizabeth Kaechele-SHR

Junior Piano Solos

  • Top Purple; Chloe Riley-BB, and Grace Richter-HH
  • Alternate Top Purple: Matthew Stolle-C
  • Purple: Ryan Stolle-C
  • Red: Eliza Prothe-PRO

Intermediate Piano Solos

  • Top Purple: Isabella Stolle-C, Bronwynn Williams-NH
  • Alternate Top Purple: Rees Chapman-BB, Regan Williams-NH and Delaney Wieland-EX
  • Blue: Zoie Prothe-PRO

Senior Piano Solos

  • Top Purple: Gemma Downey-BB
  • Alternate Top Purple: Dylan McDonald-SHR and Ciara Arnold-SHR

Cloverbud Show & Share

  • Participation/Cloverbud Ribbon: Patience Parks-VR, Clayton Richter-HH, Wyatt Nelson-HH and Ellee Crawford-CB
  • Junior Oral Interpretations (Readings)
  • Top Purple: Matthew Stolle-C, Ryan Stolle-C, Eliza Prothe-PRO, Grace Richter-HH

Intermediate Oral Interpretations (Readings)

  • Top Purple: Isabella Stolle-C, Alana Bollinger-TB and Brooklyn Sherron-SHR
  • Alternate Top Purple: Nicholas Nelson-HH and Jackson Bollinger-TB
  • Blue: Zoie Prothe-PRO and Annabelle Shaw-BB
  • Red: Gavin Shaw-BB

Senior Oral Interpretations (Readings)

  • Top Purple: Jadelynne Russell-BH, Isabelle Ure-TB and Alyssa Sherrron-SHR
  • Alternate Top Purple: Gemma Downey-BB and Sidney Wilson-EX
  • Purple: Kyra Uphoff-MB and Krista Haley-SS
  • Blue: Dylan McDonald-SHR and Ian Combs-EX

Junior Impromptu

  • Blue: Matthew Stolle-C
  • Red: Ryan Stolle-C and Landon Alexander-HGG

Intermediate Impromptu

  • Top Purple: Isabella Stolle-C, and Alana Bollinger-TB
  • Purple: Austin Gardner-TB
  • Blue: Parker Schwawrz-C, Jackson Bollinger-TB, Logan Alexander-HGG and Annabelle Shaw-BB
  • Red: Franklin Gardner-TB and Gavin Shaw-BB

Senior Impromptu

  • Top Purple: Grace Young-MB and Atticus Sondy-HGG
  • Alternate Top Purple: Gemma Downey-BB
  • Blue: Jadelynne Russell-BH, Elizabeth Kaechele-SHR, Isabelle Ure-TB, Selah Hadle-TB, Brianna Shippy-MB, Ben Wright-PF, Nick Wright-PF, Eileen Benne-EX and Kyra Uphoff-MB
  • Red: Stefanie Koperski-BH and Macayla Enman-HGG

Intermediate Historical Speeches

  • Top Purple: Annabelle Shaw-BB and Amber McDonald-SHR
  • Senior Historical Speeches
  • Top Purple: Brianna Ball-MB
  • Blue: Brenna Gillihan-SHR

Junior Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks

  • Top Purple: Cooper Lanham-BB, Miley Parks-VR, Grace Richter-HH and Jae Bueker-BB
  • Alternate Top Purple: Makenna Parks-VR, Charlee Parks-VR, Sue Barentine-HH and Ruby White-HH
  • Blue: Will Harwick-PRO and Brielle Garcia-PRO
  • Red: Eliza Prothe-PRO

Intermediate Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks

  • Top Purple: Haylee Lanham & Rees Chapman-BB, Parker Schwarz-C, Megan Benne-EX and Zoie Prothe-PRO
  • Alternate Top Purple: Annabelle Shaw-BB and Gavin Shaw-BB
  • Blue: Devon Gainer-HH, Cooper Gainer-HH and Carter Schneider-EX
  • Red: Madison Wood-BB

Senior Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks

  • Top Purple: Anne Baltzell-BB and Gemma Downey-BB

Junior Multimedia

  • Top Purple: Taylor Sherron-SHR

Intermediate Multimedia

  • Top Purple: Brooklyn Sherron-SHR and McKenna Bueker-BB
  • Alternate Top Purple: Cate Minden-TV and Zoie Prothe-PRO
  • Blue: Annabelle Shaw-BB

Senior Multimedia

  • Top Purple: Peyton Sherron-SHR and Eileen Benne-EX
  • Alternate Tope Purple: Alyssa Sherron-SHR and Krista Haley-SS
  • Blue: Brenna Gillihan-SHR

Junior Project Talk

  • Top Purple: Ryan Stolle-C

Intermediate Project Talk

  • Top Purple: Cierra Lindsey-BH, Parker Schwarz-C, Madyson Smotherman-HH and Gabe Bueker-BB
  • Alternate Top Purple: Nicholas Nelson-HH
  • Blue: Annabelle Shaw-BB
  • Red: Gavin Shaw-BB

Senior Solo/Duo Acting

  • Top Purple: Elizabeth Kaechele-SHR,
  • Alternate Top Purple: Alyssa Sherron-SHR

Intermediate Solo/Duo Novelty

  • Top Purple: Max Bauer-PF

Senior Solo/Duo Novelty

  • Top Purple: Ben Wright-PF

Junior Gavel Games

  • Top Purple: Cadmus 4-H Club (Rhett Pope, Wesley Teagarden, Grace Ray and Ethan Holler)
  • Alternate Top Purple: Cadmus 4-H Club (Matthew Stolle, Ryan Stolle, Landon Schull and Wesley Teagarden)

Intermediate Gavel Games

  • Top Purple: Cadmus 4-H Club (Parker Schwarz, Will Caldwell, Kirbie Stroup and Kally Stroup)

Senior Gavel Games

  • Top Purple: Mound Builders 4-H Club (Brianna Ball, Brianna Shippy, Kimball Uphoff, Kyra Uphoff and Avarie Hightower)

Intermediate Career Research Presentation

  • Top Purple: Delaney Wieland-EX and Nicholas Nelson-HH
  • Alternate Top Purple: Madyson Smotherman-HH and Devon Gainer-HH
  • Red: Cooper Gainer-HH

Senior Career Research Presentation

  • Top Purple: Grace Young-MB and Brenna Gillihan-SHR
  • Alternate Top Purple: Dacey Wieland-EX and Brianna Shippy-MB
  • Blue: Nick Wright-PF

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