Louisburg City Council Ward 1

NAME: Kalee Smith

AGE: 41


FAMILY: Colt and I have a 5-month-old son, Sawyer.

1. If elected/reelected, what would be your top priority?

My top priority as a City Council member is to address the needs in our community. We have some areas in town that need a lot of attention and we need to focus on improving our existing infrastructures and address these areas of need. Along with this comes my priority of ensuring our citizens are not constantly hit with increased fees on their utility bills or tax increases. Many people in this community, especially our retired residents, are on a fixed income. We need to keep this in mind while making decisions that might impact our residents financially.

2. Why do you think voters should elect/reelect you?

I have put the needs and wants of my constituents first and foremost. I opposed establishing benefit districts, which would require homeowners to financially fund stormwater improvements. I voted against the Rural Housing Incentive District, and I have opposed taking additional dollars from our taxpayers. I am a lifelong resident of Louisburg, and I want what’s best for our community and our citizens. I will always keep the best interest of the people at the forefront of my decision-making as a council member.

3. How would you address stormwater problems in the community?

I feel the city is beginning to take the necessary steps in addressing stormwater issues in the community. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done and there are problems that need serious attention. The city has sent out surveys, priority projects have been identified, and the master plan is in the works. It is important that we fix our existing infrastructures and that we prepare ourselves for the future by implementing stricter codes and guidelines so that 10 years down the road we aren’t in the same boat we are in now. We need to ensure these improvements are done in the most cost effective and efficient ways possible.

4. What should be done to attract more retail and fill empty storefronts?

We need to offer some incentives for business owners. We also need to look at putting something in place, such as a dark door tax, that requires buildings to be occupied after a certain amount of time. Maybe that will discourage unaffordable rent and force owners to maintain their properties, thus filling storefronts.

5. What are your thoughts on residential growth?

I do not oppose growth if it happens naturally. I do not believe Louisburg has a need for large, rapid growth, nor do I believe we could support such growth.

NAME: Dusti Travis

AGE: 34

OCCUPATION: Consulting Manager

FAMILY: We are happy parents to one son, age 2.

1. If elected/reelected, what would be your top priority?

If elected, my top priority would be to represent the citizens of Ward 1. I am not interested in bringing an agenda, but rather representing the voice and ideas of the community within my ward. Their top priority is my top priority.

2. Why do you think voters should elect/reelect you?

I grew up in a rural community in eastern Oregon. Because of my military and contracting background, I have had the chance to live and experience many different communities. Louisburg is the community where my family and I have CHOSEN to live because we love the people and the small town feel as I believe many others here love the same. I believe in inclusiveness within the community, and this cannot be done unless the community is heard and represented. I feel that not being born and raised here allows me to represent Ward 1 without bias and to bring in a fresh set of eyes that have watched other similar communities both thrive and fail.

3. How would you address stormwater problems in the community?

Stormwater problems are a top priority as many people in the community are expressing concern about this issue. There has been a Stormwater Masterplan issued, and the priority here is to make sure the projects are prioritized and implemented as soon as possible.

4. What should be done to attract more retail and fill empty storefronts?

I don’t have an answer to that specific question. I think we need to go to the voters to see what SERVICES are needed or wanted that are not currently being met.

I think there are policies and procedures that need to be revisited to make sure that starting a business in Louisburg is as easy and painless as possible.

5. What are your thoughts on residential growth?

When thinking of residential growth, it is important to remember to keep the right kind of growth. I believe it is important to attract families and people that have a vested interest in both the community and schools. This would help keep crime and violence rates low. Another good kind of growth is to provide a business friendly atmosphere to encourage local entrepreneurs and our children to come back to the communities they grew up in.

NAME: Travis Thompson

In lieu of answering the questions, Thompson issued the following statement:

“Following the smears and harassment my family experienced during my re-election campaign for mayor in 2015, I resolved to not put them through anything like that again.

I decided to submit my name for consideration, because at the time it appeared that others were not interested in the position. I proudly stand by my record of accomplishment during my previous terms of service as mayor and as a member of the Planning Commission. I will not be actively campaigning — should the voters choose me, I will serve to the best of my ability. If not, I will continue to serve our community through other avenues.

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