PAOLA — Artie Stuteville, who has been mayor of Paola since 2005, was reelected once again by voters during the Nov. 5 election.

Stuteville defeated challenger Bobby Knudsen 434 votes (60 percent) to 287 votes (40 percent), according to unofficial election results posted by county’s election office. There also were three write-in votes.

The results won’t become official until after the canvass of votes Friday, Nov. 15, when provisional ballots may be approved and added to the totals

Stuteville said she is thankful for everyone who voted in the election.

“It’s a privilege and honor to be able to serve as the mayor of Paola,” she said.

Knudsen said he considers his campaign a success even though it didn’t have his desired result.

“I met many new people, developed some great relationships and developed a greater understanding of what it is our community needs and wants, and for that I am thankful,” Knudsen said. “We achieved some great numbers. The previous elections for mayor only received about 300 to 500 total votes, and this election saw more than 720 people cast a vote, and I cannot tell you how many people I’ve talked to that came out to vote in this election that have never voted before in their adult lives and plan to continue voting after this experience. That is very encouraging!”

Knudsen said he isn’t ruling out a 2021 campaign for mayor.

The incumbents also were reelected on the Paola City Council.

Ward 1 City Councilman Dave Smail defeated challenger Scott Shappell 112 votes to 98 votes.

Leigh House was unopposed for her Ward 3 seat, and she was reelected with 161 votes. There were three write-ins.

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