Kate Hudson: I want my kids to be imaginative without technology
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Kate Hudson wants to encourage her children to be “imaginative” without using technology to cure their boredom.

The 42-year-old actress has recalled going on road trips with her own mother Goldie Hawn when she was younger, and has said taking time away with her family as a child “forced” her to use her imagination to keep herself entertained.

And now that she has kids of her own, Kate – who has son Ryder, 17, with ex-husband Chris Robinson, son Bingham, nine, with ex Matt Bellamy and daughter Rani Rose, two, with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa – is keen to follow her family’s tradition.

She said: "When we were kids and we would go on road trips or we would travel, we had each other, Uno and any toys. I remember at one point, we got really into playing jacks. It's funny because it forced us to really sort of be imaginative and connect.

"It's one of those things that I think there are really amazing things about technology, but I just don't want to lose that with my own kids - the importance of putting all that away. When kids are bored, they think of the most amazing things to do. My mom used to say that.

"I remember, I used to say, 'Oh, I'm bored.' And [my mom would] be like, 'Good, be bored. Figure something else to do. Figure something out.’ As I had my own kids, I realised it's really good for them to be bored and ... just spark their imagination."

Kate is currently gearing up to star in ‘Knives Out 2’, and has said she wants to head out on a vacation with her family before she starts work.

She added to People magazine: "I'm going to have two weeks’ vacation before we go start this movie. So we're going to go have some time alone with the family and kind of just chill before we get back into [working]."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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