Sarah Ferguson wanted for Dancing With the Stars

Sarah Ferguson is a "prime target" for 'Dancing With the Stars'.

The Duchess of York is seen as an "A list name" from the autumn series of the ABC celebrity dance competition and producers are not only prepared to pay her around $1 million to appear, they will promise she will be shielded from any questions about her ex-husband Prince Andrew's legal battle with Virginia Guiffre, who has accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was 17.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Of course, Sarah would be of great interest given everything that is going on with Prince Andrew.

“ABC will do their best to protect her from getting media questions on that matter.

“Their skilled media and production team have famously protected famous contestants, including Olivia Jade, from having family scandals dragged up.

“But look, the fact that Andrew is in the news would make it fascinating for viewers with all the issues going on legally."

Producers are currently on the hunt for contestants for series 31, although it hasn't officially been commissioned yet, and have been told to "think big" and bring in "an Oscar, Emmy or Grammy-winning star, who will make headlines on and off-screen", with "at least one or ideally two major household names that fascinate fans" a priority.

The 62-year-old author - who has remained close friends with Andrew, despite their marriage ending almost 20 years ago - has yet to be approached for the show and though she has turned down the UK version, 'Strictly Come Dancing' "several times", she "always considers" opportunities in the US.

A source said: “She hasn’t been approached about this yet.

"She has been asked to do 'Strictly' in the UK several times and has always turned it down but she always considers opportunities in the US carefully.”

In 2006, Sarah admitted she'd "quite like" to take part in the competition.

She said at the time: "I'd quite like to go on 'Dancing with the Stars'. I'd like them to teach me the tango."

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