Americans Are Getting Better at Cooperating With Strangers

TUESDAY, July 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- American society may seem more fractured than ever, but cooperation among total strangers has been on the upswing for decades, researchers in China say.

Their conclusion emerged from an analysis of more than 500 studies that tracked cooperation patterns over the past six decades.

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Ross Deckow

The first time I heard about the "cooperative instinct" was in graduate school. I was taking a seminar on psychology and one of the exercises involved asking students to pair up and write down the names of people they knew who were cooperative. When it comes to cooperating with total strangers, Americans may seem more fractured than ever. But in recent decades, cooperation has been on the upswing. It was the habit of famous people to cooperate with strangers and lift their life standard. I found here some interesting essay examples of famous persons and their qualities. If we adopt these qualities then we can also be succeeded in our missions.

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