HUTCHINSON — Linn County 4-Hers showing market and breeding beef at the Kansas State Fair were named five breed champions and a state champion.

Even though the traditional Kansas State Fair was canceled this year due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, the livestock portion of the fair (including cattle, swine, goats and sheep) was able to go on and was held Sep 11-13 at the state fairgrounds in Hutchinson.

Lauren Aust and her champion Crossbred market steer won the Supreme Junior Market Steer Drive. Aust also had the champion Percentage Simmental heifer and placed fourth overall during the heifer show.

Kaden Stroup had the champion Shorthorn heifer, and Parker Schwarz had the champion Maine-Anjou and AOB (all other breeds) heifers. Haylee Lanham placed third in class with her market heifer.

Kaden also showed market crossbred hogs and a breeding gilt, placing first, second and third. Kaden also placed first in class with his Chester breeding gilt. Kirbie Stroup placed fourth with her Duroc breeding gilt. Bryson Schull placed fourth and Heath Schull seventh in their commercial gilt classes.

In the sheep show, Esmeralda Franklin placed third and ninth in classes with her market lamb, and Ariana Franklin placed fourth with her market lamb. Esmeralda also placed second in class with her commercial breeding ewe.

For the goat show, Ariana placed fifth and ninth in class for Division 1 with her market goat. In the breeding does, Haylee Lanham placed fourth in class for Division 3, Ariana placed fifth in Division 1 and Esmeralda seventh in Division 2 classes with their breeding does.

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