Local teacher Larry Pope is the author of a new book called Early Identification.

It was the most vivid dream Larry Pope has ever had.

He was sitting in a movie theater and watching a captivating scene during which an FBI agent was being attacked in the middle of the night. The agent noticed a tattoo on one of the attackers and realized they were his co-workers.

“The movie was awesome,” Larry said.

The only problem is, he awoke and realized he was dreaming.

“It just seemed so real, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t at the movie theater,” Larry said.

To make matters worse, Larry awoke before the movie was over, and he never got to find out what happened.

So, Larry decided to take matters into his own hands. He started jotting down a few notes and formulating a plan for a book.

That was more than 20 years ago in the late 1990s, and the book was slow going because of the all of the other responsibilities in Larry’s life.

Larry, who is a 1991 graduate of Osawatomie High School, attended Pittsburg State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Education in 1996. In that same year, he accepted a job as an eighth-grade science teacher in Louisburg and remained in that position until 2002.

That’s when he and his wife built a home on a small farm outside of La Cygne, where they still live. He also began teaching seventh-grade science at Prairie View Middle School, where he is still employed.

During all those years, Larry continued to jot down pieces of the story he was trying to tell. Sometimes it was after school in his classroom while his kids were attending sports practice, or other times it would be on the couch on a Sunday after attending church and with football on in the background.

Larry’s growing faith became a big part of the story. He and his family attend First Baptist Church in Mound City, and he said mission trips and other experiences inspired him to integrate a Christian message into his book.

“As it became a story of good vs. evil and I grew as a Christian, I decided that I needed to honor God by weaving biblical messages into the story,” Larry said. “The desire to honor God became the motivation to finish and publish the book.”

When he finally started pulling it all together, it wasn’t easy to keep everything straight.

“It really was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together,” he said.

The book, which is called Early Identification, recently was published by Christian Faith Publishing and is now available online via Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com.

It tells the story of Sam Good, a devout Christian and FBI agent, who is repeatedly tormented and attacked. When he discovers the attackers are his fellow agents at the bureau, he transfers, and then resigns, so he can return undercover to figure out the reason for the attacks.

Good discovers that some government officials want to eliminate crime by hiring school administrators in zip codes with the highest rate of incarcerations (murder factories) to identify future criminals.

The identified kids will begin to disappear, and the FBI agents working the cases will be able to cover up the methods used to rid these future threats to society. They plan to test this operation in a city with a population of around a hundred thousand people, and the program is called “Early Identification.”

Larry said he hopes the book will provide an entertaining way of experiencing the gospel message and challenge some secular perspectives that are causing a rapid decay of the morals in society.

Senior Managing Editor Brian McCauley can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or brian.mccauley@miconews.com.

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