LOUISBURG — An abandoned, used Chrysler discovered Tuesday, July 23, by police officers in Raytown, Mo., was the third vehicle to be recovered out of five new and used vehicles stolen recently from the Louisburg Ford dealership.

Louisburg Police Chief Tim Bauer said unknown suspects forced entry into the Ford dealership sometime after its closing on the evening of Tuesday, July 16, and 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 17, when the burglary and car thefts were discovered by employees arriving early that morning to open the business.

The dealership is located off Kansas Highway 68, just west of U.S. Highway 69.

“The dealership building itself was burglarized,” Bauer said. “Employees discovered the forced entry and that the burglars had rifled through things in the building.”

Employees checked the dealership sales lot and discovered two new Mustangs and two used Audis had been stolen, Bauer said.

Later, a fifth vehicle was discovered missing, which Bauer said was the used Chrysler recovered in Raytown.

While the used Chrysler appeared to still be in good condition, the other two recovered vehicles did not fare as well.

One of the new Mustangs crashed after being involved in a high speed pursuit with Kansas City, Kan., police officers, Bauer said.

“Kansas City, Mo., police spotted the Mustang driving erratically and at a high speed,” Bauer said. “They were unable to catch up with it but they alerted KCK police and I believe they caught up with the Mustang shortly after it crossed the state line. After it crashed they took the driver into custody.”

Bauer said the driver was a male but that his name had not been released, pending charges. Bauer said he had not yet received a complete report about the pursuit and arrest and was unsure of the driver’s age.

One of the used Audis was recovered in Kansas City, Mo. Police there found that vehicle also had been wrecked but was unoccupied.

Law enforcement agencies are still looking for the other new Mustang and used Audi, Bauer said.

He said the Louisburg Police Department was being assisted by detectives with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, an investigator with the Kansas Highway Patrol’s stolen vehicle unit, and two technicians from the Johnson County Crime Lab who processed the scene for evidence.

Chief Bauer said the Louisburg Police Department appreciates the help it has received from all the agencies involved in the ongoing investigation. He said the law enforcement agencies investigating the scene at Louisburg Ford as well as agencies that have recovered vehicles are all coordinating their efforts to track down suspects.

The chief said it was his understanding that some other dealerships in the Kansas City metro area had experienced similar incidents, though he did not want to speculate if they were related.

Bauer urged anyone who noticed suspicious activity at the Louisburg Ford dealership or surrounding area late on the evening of July 16 or in the early morning hours of July 17 to contact the Louisburg Police Department at (913) 837-3191, or detectives with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office at (913) 294-3232.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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