Participants in the East Central Kansas Barbecue Championship competed during Roots Festival on Saturday, Aug. 24, in the four categories sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society — chicken, pork ribs, pork and brisket — and had the option of participating in an additional sausage category.

The top 10 overall winners, along with the top five winners in each category, received prize money. The overall prizes were: $1,500 for first place, $800 for second, $250 for third, $200 for fourth, $150 for fifth, $100 for sixth, $75 for seventh, $50 for eighth, $30 for ninth and $25 for 10th.

The winners were:

Overall: Man Meat BBQ, first; Shake n Bake, second; Tebo Creek BBQ, third; Gettin’ Sauced, fourth; Parts R Smokin, fifth; Piggin’ Whiskey KCMO, sixth; Old Style BBQ, seventh; Dirt Road BBQ, eighth; Slaps BBQ, ninth; and Boxer Q BBQ, 10th. Old Style BBQ won Best BBQ in Miami County.

Chicken: Old Style BBQ, first; All Forked Up for Q, second; Gettin’ Sauced, third; KC Fine Swine, fourth; KC Smoke Dawgs, fifth; B&C Smokers, sixth; Man Meat BBQ, seventh; Pork Pullers, eighth; Dead Last BBQ, ninth; and Smokey and the Brisket, 10th.

Pork Ribs: Shake n Bake, first; Man Meat BBQ, second; Porker Stars, third; Chase Brothers BBQ, fourth; Piggin’ Whiskey KCMO, fifth; Dirt Road BBQ, sixth; Gettin’ Sauced, seventh; Big Wigs BBQ, eighth; Old Style BBQ, ninth; and Boxer Q BBQ, 10th.

Pork: Love 2 Q, first; Dirt Road BBQ, second; Tebo Creek BBQ, third; House’s Bar-B-Que, fourth; Boxer Q BBQ, fifth; Man Meat BBQ, sixth; Smokey Bottom Boys BBQ, seventh; High I Que, eighth; Smokin R’s 2.0, ninth; and Piggin’ Whiskey KCMO, 10th.

Brisket: Tebo Creek BBQ, first (perfect score of 180); Shake n Bake, second; Parts R Smokin, third; Boxer Q BBQ, fourth; Pork Pullers, fifth; Slaps BBQ, sixth; Big Al and the Boys, seventh; Smoke Ringers, eighth; Team BBQ War, ninth; and Love 2 Q, 10th.

Sausage: Love 2 Q, first; Big Al and the Boys, second; Sausage Fest BBQ, third; Piggin’ Whiskey KCMO, fourth; Beaux Hawg BBQ, fifth; Jay Hogs BBQ, sixth; ABS of Squeal, seventh; Smokin R’s 2.0, eighth; Pork ’N Mindy, ninth; and Chase Brothers BBQ, 10th.

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