The American Heart Association recently donated a CPR in Schools Training Kit to Broadmoor Elementary in Louisburg. This donation was made possible by the Performance Contracting Group.

LOUISBURG – The American Heart Association recently donated a CPR in Schools Training Kit to Broadmoor Elementary in Louisburg.

This donation, made possible by Performance Contracting Group, will train hundreds of local students in the lifesaving skills of CPR, AED use and choking relief, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

The association’s newly updated CPR in Schools Training Kit enables students to learn the lifesaving skills of CPR in just one class period, according to an AHA news release. The kit teaches adult and child CPR and choking relief and familiarizes students with using an automated external defibrillator (AED), according to AHA.

“Broadmoor Elementary School is so excited to be able to continue to teach and support the learning of CPR in our school,” Broadmoor Elementary Principal Cindy Apple said. “Coach Whiting does an amazing job each year preparing the students for this life-saving skill. We want to thank the American Heart Association and the Performance Contracting Group for their support and generous gift. This kit will help us reach more students and prepare our students for life-saving situations in our community.”

The reusable kit is designed specifically for the needs of schools. It contains everything needed to train 10 to 20 students at a time, and comes in a wheeled bag, allowing for movement from classroom to classroom and storage, according to AHA.

More than 350,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year, yet only 10 percent survive, according to the heart association. Additionally, nearly 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the home, which means if an individual is called upon to perform CPR in an emergency, it will likely be to save the life of someone they love: a sibling, a parent or a friend, according to the AHA. CPR, especially if performed immediately, can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival, AHA said.

“Broadmoor Elementary has been a longtime supporter of the American Heart Association’s school-based youth programs, Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge which help boost heart health and self-esteem, while reducing stress and anxiety through programs that feature dance and obstacle courses,” said Melissa Rock, youth market director AHA, in the news release. “Not only are we able to help prepare kids for success by supporting physical and emotional well-being, but we are also able to teach them these lifesaving skills. We are so grateful to Performance Contracting Group, who made this gift possible.”

AHA said the CPR in Schools Training Kit is a “fun and easy-to-use educational program" designed specifically to meet the needs of school educators. The kit provides the materials, teaching aids, and online resources to start a program in any school, according to the release.

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