Louisburg Cider Mill

LOUISBURG - The Louisburg Cider Mill's 42nd annual Ciderfest has been canceled. But the family farm and country store remain open.

Ciderfest, originally scheduled to take place for two weekends on Sept. 26-27 and Oct. 3-4, was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Josh Hebert, president of the Louisburg Cider Mill.

Hebert said the front parking lot at the Cider Mill can be shoulder-to-shoulder at times during Ciderfest as people move among the many vendor booths. He said having Ciderfest this year would not be the responsible thing to do because of the pandemic.

But Hebert said the Cider Mill is still offering some family-friendly activities this fall that can be done in a safe manner.

The country store and family farm, which features a corn maze and pumpkin patch, remain open, according to the mill's website. Several special events coming up through the end of October remain on the Cider Mill's website calendar. For a list of upcoming activities, see the mill's website at louisburgcidermill.com


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In a pandemic like this I think they made the right decision. However that said we see the place packed when we drive by and we often wonder how many are wearing masks and how well social distance is really being handled there. That to me is a concern because a lot of customers come from JOCO etc., where Covid rates and positivity rates are much much more higher. Caution for sure should be encouraged!

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