This conceptual drawing is of a proposed downtown pavilion in Louisburg.

LOUISBURG — The community might be getting a new downtown public venue.

The Louisburg City Council voted 5-0 on Nov. 18 to move forward with the design of a downtown pavilion that would be built on the empty lot next to the water tower downtown.

The move would advance the proposed steel-topped structure from the conceptual phase to an engineered plan which could be put out for construction bid if the council opts to do so. If the project moves forward, it would be budgeted for 2021.

A representative of McClure Engineering Company, North Kansas City, Mo., presented the council with a conceptual plan for a downtown public space. In addition to the pavilion, the project includes landscaping, site furnishings, decorative concrete plazas, sidewalk with ADA ramp, colorful lighting for the water tower and an art treatment on the water fill station.

The estimated construction cost is $769,783, according to McClure.

In other business, the Council:

  • Voted 5-0 to deny a Park and Tree Board recommendation to change the name of City Park to Heroes City Park. The Park and Tree Board had voted 3-1 to rename the park. In casting the no vote, board member Wayne Knop, who is commander of the Louisburg American Legion, cited possible future confusion with that park’s name and a veteran’s park.
  • Voted 5-0 to extend the city’s residential and commercial Façade of Louisburg Improvement Program (FLIP) for the calendar year 2020, with program funding of $10,000 for residential and $15,000 for commercial. For the past two years the city has offered an incentive program for exterior improvements to residences and commercial buildings. To date, the city has approved 17 residential applications and awarded a total of $7,862.49. The full reinvestment value of these awarded projects is $42,417.63, according to city figures. The city has approved two commercial applications and awarded a total of $5,000.

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