Edgerton Mayor Donald Roberts tells Miami County commissioners during their Sept. 15 study session that the city of Edgerton is taking a neutral position on the proposed city of Golden.

Miami County commissioners could decide the fate of a proposed city named Golden in northwest Miami County as early as their regular 1 p.m. meeting Wednesday, Oct. 13.

The commission is scheduled to begin deliberations that morning during its study session, which starts at 9 a.m. Commissioners are expected to take up the discussion following two insurance presentations scheduled for 9 and 9:30 a.m. that are unrelated to the Golden matter.

Deliberations could last the remainder of the morning session which typically ends at noon.

The last item currently listed on the County Commission’s agenda for its regular 1 p.m. meeting Wednesday is to “consider authorizing to approve or deny the incorporation of a new third-class city named Golden in Northwest Miami County.”

Commissioners would have to vote unanimously in favor of incorporation for the proposal city to be approved.

If a decision is not rendered Wednesday, the next opportunity for commissioners to consider the matter is Wednesday, Oct. 27. The County Commission’s Oct. 20 meeting has been canceled because multiple commissioners are planning to attend a conference.

Petitioners for the proposed city of Golden have sought to create a city to keep intermodal warehouses from being built on land used primarily for rural residential living and agriculture in northern Miami County.

Planning Director Teresa Reeves told county commissioners Aug. 18 petitioners could use that strategy if the County Commission votes in favor of incorporation.

The approximately 9-square-mile proposed city would be located north of Hillsdale Lake.

Reeves told commissioners in her testimony during Aug. 18 — as well as in her written responses to commissioners’ questions — that formal approval by the County Commissioners is not required if the city of Edgerton, or any other city, annexes land in Miami County by consent.

The Logistics Park Kansas City intermodal facility is located in Edgerton, which has seen its city boundaries expand to accommodate growth of the intermodal facility.

Edgerton Mayor Donald Roberts told commissioners at their study session Sept. 15 that Edgerton is taking a neutral position on the proposed city.

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