LOUISBURG — A planned stop in Louisburg on Michael Bergen’s Night Train Run was cut short when organizers say motorcycle riders were harassed by Louisburg Police Chief Josh Weber, but Weber and city officials say the agreed upon guidelines for the event weren’t followed.

The 26th annual Night Train Run took place Saturday, May 20, as a group of about 500 motorcycle riders worked to raise funds for Hands to Heart, Michael Bergen’s charity that delivers toys to disadvantaged children.

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Seems to me that even the owner of Bub's, stated that she didn't have much time to set up and get organized". Sorry, but that falls on her shoulders. She knew this was coming and her lack of preparedness does NOT constitution an emergency on all of the others.

Furthermore with K-68 being a mess due to construction it's the wrong time to be doing an even like this. KDOT should make the traffic light going Eastbound turn green first to clear traffic and allow Westbounder's to turn south on 69 instead of backing traffic way up. Talk again about poor planning.

Car shows, BIcycle rides, Motorcycle rides, ciderfest, should all be better organized and better controlled. People of this community get tired of some of this nonsense that goes on with these events.

Bub's will be fine. No need to do a GO FUND ME account for this. We learn from our experiences.


I agree...Seems to be 100% Bar Owners fault for not complying...Louisburg Chief of Police did nothing wrong...I think I will believe Police Chief over bar owner .


Bar owner had plenty of time to set up...she failed..she did not comply with the permit ....and I believe our Chief of Police over a bar owner any day

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