The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is one of the new structures that have been constructed since the last aerial images of Miami County were taken in 2014. County commissioners on Nov. 27 approved a contract with Eagle View to take new aerial images of the county in spring 2020. About 560 homes have been built in the county since the last images were taken five years ago. 

PAOLA — About 560 new homes have been built in Miami County since the last aerial images of the county were taken in 2014.

In order to document those dwellings and new commercial properties built in the past five years, County Appraiser Justin Eimers and Wendy Duncan, the county’s director of GIS/Mapping, brought a proposal before county commissioners on Wednesday, Nov. 27, to contract with vendor Eagle View to take new aerial images of the county in early 2020 at a cost of $85,274.

Eimers said the contract would include overhead images as well as images of a property from all four directions, which would be a significant upgrade over the overhead images that are currently available. He said the ideal flight schedule would be every three years.

The county appraiser said aerial images would also document improvements and additions to structures and other development that has occurred in the past five years. For example, Eimers said the county’s new adult detention center is not documented in current aerial images because it was built after 2014.

Eimers and Duncan said the aerial images could benefit numerous county departments. County uses other than appraisal would include public safety, road and bridge, tax sales, planning, codes inspections, economic development, register of deeds, treasurer, county clerk, district court and other uses.

The new images could represent a cost savings in dealing with items such as field inspections for hearings, random field checks, agriculture review, final valuations, locked gates, and numerous others.

New aerial images could also benefit other possible users including utilities, contractors, realtors, school districts, cities, Kansas Department of Transportation, surveyors, bankers, fee appraisers and title companies.

Duncan told commissioners funding was in place to cover the requested contract.

Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve the contract with Eagle View.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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