LOUISBURG — A recreational vehicle storage facility will be constructed on 10 acres northwest of Louisburg.

County commissioners voted 5-0 on Wednesday, Aug. 28, to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Heartland RV and Marine Storage.

Shawn Chappell of SDC Holdings, LLC told commissioners his storage facility would be geared for RVs, fifth-wheels, big horse trailers and possibly some boats.

The facility will be located on the south side of 271st Street, about 2,000 feet west of Jingo Road.

The fully enclosed storage is designed to house recreational equipment up to 60 feet in length. The facility will have up to nine buildings of no more than 12,000 square feet when completed. The buildings will be post-frame construction on 6-inch concrete floors. Chappell said in his application his intent is to provide storage options for people who own recreational equipment who cannot or do not want to store them at home. He said the facility will not be used as a hangout or for people to make major repairs, and it will not be available to high volume traffic clients such as contractors.

The facility will be under 24-hour video surveillance, and clients will have a designated key code/long range reader to access the facility at any time. The gate to the property will be located at least 60 feet from the right-of-way off 271st Street so vehicles will not hang into right-of-way while clients wait for the gate to open. The owner plans to use landscaping, technology and site layout to reduce noise, lighting, traffic and any other negative impacts, according to the application.

The facility will be family owned and operated by Chappell and his wife. Chappell said he purchased the property in May 2014. Chappell told commissioners he has another storage facility for recreational equipment at Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

Surrounding uses are primarily residential and agriculture. Lewis-Young Park, where the Powell Observatory is located, about a half mile north of Heartland storage.

Representatives of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City, which owns and operates Powell Observatory, were at the commission meeting to commend the county for its lighting regulations and offer a recommendation that illumination meet industry standards for this type of facility. They also wanted to ensure there would be no lighting above the horizontal plane.

Planning Director Teresa Reeves said county regulations require that there be no lighting above the horizontal plane and lighting covers will be of a shoebox design and directed downward to prohibit offsite glare onto neighboring properties. The lights will be LEDs.

When asked by Commissioner Rob Roberts, Chappell told commissioners he had no objections to incorporating the Astronomical Society’s recommendations for light levels as a condition of the CUP.

Two neighbors expressed concerns about traffic on the road during an Aug. 6 public hearing conducted by the Miami County Planning Commission, Reeves said. No one else spoke and a protest petition was not filed. The planning commission voted 5-1 to recommend county commissioners approve the CUP.

Commission Chair Phil Dixon asked Chappell to discuss the traffic study provided with the application.

Chappell said the numbers he provided were based on a 2015 University of Michigan study on the RV industry that calculated the number of days an RV is used each year. Based on the facility’s maximum of 180 units, he said traffic at the site would amount to 4.4 trips per day at full occupancy.

Commissioner Danny Gallagher commented that would probably be about the same number of trips a family averages each day to and from their residence.

The application estimated construction would take 12 to 18 months.

Commissioner Tyler Vaughan asked Chappell if he planned to complete the project in phases or if he thought he would reach capacity quickly.

Chappell said based on his market research he thought he would reach capacity quickly. He said a similar Johnson County facility filled up in 30 days or less after it was built.

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