Miami County is leasing space in this building complex at 25606 Old Kansas City Road in Hillsdale to house an ambulance. The county has purchased a 21-acre tract of land immediately north of Hillsdale to build a new EMS station in the next year and possibly a fire station at some future point.

HILLSDALE — Residents in the northern part of the county in the coming months will be served by a new Emergency Medical Services station north of Hillsdale.

County commissioners voted 5-0 to purchase a 21.07-acre tract of land from Sharon Abernathy for $231,770 plus closing costs. The parcel will be the build site for a new EMS station in the next year and possibly a fire station at some future point.

County Administrator Shane Krull said staff has been searching the past two years for a piece of property to accommodate construction of an EMS station and possibly a fire station. He said the tract is located immediately north of Hillsdale, between Old KC Road and Columbia Road.

Krull said the land, which is now farm ground, can be served by nearby water and electric utilities and the Hillsdale sewer benefit district.

The land purchase is set to close on or before Dec. 15.

County officials estimated it will take approximately one year to construct and occupy the EMS station.

Currently the county leases space in Hillsdale for a daytime ambulance operation.

“It (leased facility) is not adequate to carry on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week facility,” Commission Chair Rob Roberts said. “It’s only good for daylight hours.”

Roberts said the county also will work with Fire District No. 2 in hopes the property can be used sometime in the future to erect a fire station with adequate equipment.

“The needs in the northern part of our county are real, in order for citizens to get appropriate ISO (insurance) ratings for fire,” he said. “The Hillsdale (EMS) station right now exceeds the amount of calls from Louisburg. The citizens of the northern part of our county have a need for EMS services.”

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