Miami County Health Department

Miami County Health Department

Miami County has recorded its second COVID-19-related death, the Miami County Health Department reported Wednesday, Oct. 14.

The health department’s weekly COVID-19 update, posted Wednesdays on its Facebook page, indicated one new death had occurred in the past week.

The individual, a male over the age of 80, was hospitalized at an area hospital at the time of his passing Sunday, Oct. 11, Christena Beer said in an email. Beer is the health department’s disease investigator.

“Staff at Miami County Health Department extend our most sincere heartfelt sympathies to the patient’s family and friends,” Beer said.

The department did not disclose where the individual resided and does not plan to release further details about the patient at this time.

The county’s first COVID-related death took place Sept. 10. The individual was a woman over the age of 60.

Currently, the county has 33 active COVID-19 cases, according to the department’s report. The county has recorded 474 cases, and 439 of those cases have already recovered. The health department’s statistics show there are 14 active cases with Paola addresses, followed by Osawatomie, 12 cases; Louisburg, six cases; and Spring Hill, one case.

The county has had one new hospitalization since last Wednesday’s report, and 6 percent of the county’s total cases have required hospitalization, according to the report.

The county is monitoring one active cluster/outbreak at a college/university that has seven cases associated with it, according to the department’s report. Five of those cases are Miami County residents, and the other two are from Linn County.

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The coronavirus is not like regular flu, although you might think so by looking at the symptoms. It is dangerous because its consequences are devastating to the body. This is why older people are at risk now. They simply don't have the extra strength to fight. All we can do for them is to wear masks and use disinfectants immediately before communicate. Buying such funds was a problem in the first wave of covid. However, it is quite easy to do this online now on many specialized sites, for example on this page I myself always follow the precautionary rules and remind my friends about it.


As a citizen in this county I am very concerned about the Louisburg Cider Mill Fall Festival. We are in a pandemic with Covid-19 already killing over 220,000.00 Americans. And we now we have this event which draws in an estimated 10,000 people. Most every citizen in this county wants our business's strong, but why would you hold this event. What are you doing to assure all citizens this event will be done safely and not create a full blown outbreak?

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