Miami County Health Department

Miami County Health Department

During an investigation of multiple positive cases, the Miami County Health Department reported Monday, Nov. 16, that it had discovered several individuals had attended the same party, which took place over a three-day weekend period of Nov. 6-8 in Louisburg, according to a health department news release.

The party did not have a specified guest list so identifying those who were in attendance and potentially exposed to COVID-19 has been challenging, local health officials said.

The health department said it has received reports through its investigation of the COVID-19 cluster that the majority of the attendees were residents from surrounding areas and who are also high school students.

The health department said individuals who attended this party should be aware of possible exposure.

“It is imperative that any individuals who were in attendance to this party quarantine at home through Nov. 22 and monitor for any symptoms” the health department said. “After being exposed to someone with COVID-19, it can take up to 14 days to develop symptoms.”

If symptoms appear, individuals are instructed to contact their primary care provider, the health department of one of the walk-in/urgent care clinics in Miami County.

“Due to COVID-19, local health departments and hospitals are at a critical juncture between concern and crisis and with the growing level of community spread, it is imperative that we all do our part to help slow the spread of the virus,” the health department said in the news release.

The department advised that people should:

  • Wear masks
  • Physically distance (6 feet or more) from others you don’t live with
  • Avoid crowded indoor gatherings at homes, restaurants, bars and other event venues where transmission is more likely to occur
  • Practice respiratory etiquette and good hand hygiene and stay home when you are sick

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