Election Clerk Diana Dusselier goes over the Nov. 5 general election results with county commissioners (from left) Tyler Vaughan, George Pretz, Danny Gallagher, Phil Dixon and Rob Roberts during the canvass of votes Friday, Nov. 15.

PAOLA — A canvass of Miami County’s Nov. 5 general election results did not change the outcome of any school board or city races. The outcome of the sales tax questions and the constitutional amendment also remained unchanged.

Miami County commissioners examined and certified the election results during a canvass Friday, Nov. 15, at the County Clerk’s Office. All commissioners were present. Other county officials in attendance were County Clerk Janet White, Election Clerk Diana Dusselier and County Attorney David Heger.

Of the 23,253 registered voters, 3,270 ballots were cast, for a 14.06 percent turnout. That percentage nearly doubles the 7.65 percent turnout in the 2017 city/school general election.

Fifty-three provisional ballots were collected. County commissioners voted to accept 40 of the provisional ballots and rejected 13 — nine because those voters were not registered to vote in Miami County and four in which voters did not provide proper identification.

Election officials reported the day went well, with one small glitch that was quickly rectified. A partial street in the Summerfield Farm subdivision at Louisburg was listed in the wrong city precinct. The mistake was caught early on Election Day when a voter asked a poll worker why the City Council race for Ward 2 was not included on her ballot. She was provided with a provisional ballot with the correct ballot style so she could cast a vote in that council race, said White, who is also the county’s election officer.

Five other voters on that street came into the polling location at the Louisburg United Methodist Church while the problem was being corrected. Dusselier told commissioners those five voters were also provided with provisional ballots with the correct ballot style (the general election featured 66 different ballot styles across the county). County commissioners voted to accept all six of the provisional ballots, noting the six voters were all provided with the correct ballot styles.

The election did not feature any significant write-in campaigns, with only a few people receiving between two to six votes. The two people receiving the most write-in votes came in Louisburg school board races. Miles Keaton received six votes for the at-large seat, and Shane Brueggen received five votes for the Position 2 seat.

There were 51 fictitious write-in votes, with Mickey Mouse coming in first with three votes, followed by Elroy Jetson with two votes. Thor, Aquaman and Donald Duck each garnered one vote, along with a number of others and a few inappropriate names.

Here are the official final results of the contested races:



City Council Ward 1: Kalee Smith, 54 votes; Travis Thompson, 34 votes; Dusti Travis, 28 votes.

City Council Ward 2: Donna Cook, 96 votes; Lee Baer, 74 votes.


There were no contested city races in Osawatomie.


Mayor: Artie Stuteville, 437 votes; Bobby Knudsen, 289 votes.

City Council Precinct 1: Dave Smail, 112 votes; Scott Shappell, 98 votes.


City Council, three at-large seats (Combined total for Miami and Johnson counties): Tyler Graves, 410 votes; Steve Owen, 359 votes; Andrea Hughes, 348 votes; Rodolfo Arevalo, 330 votes; Floyd Koder, 260 votes; Steven Boswell, 214 votes.


Louisburg USD 416 Position 3: Bruce Caldwell, 129 votes; Linda Hipp, 115 votes.

Osawatomie USD 367 at-large seat: Ben Wendt, 296 votes; Kristal Powell, 181 votes; Kevin Schasteen, 166 votes.

Paola USD 368 Position 3: Tim Kelley, 601 votes; Carla Blackmore, 506 votes.

Spring Hill USD 230 at-large seat (Combined total for Miami and Johnson counties): Ali Seeling, 1,145 votes; Nicholas Hunt, 480 votes; Scott Oberkrom, 221 votes.


The city of Paola’s half-cent sales tax renewal received 556 “yes” votes and 180 “no” votes. Miami County’s quarter-cent sales tax renewal received 2,285 “yes” votes and 958 “no” votes. The state constitutional amendment to do away with adjusting U.S. Census figures received 1,754 “yes” votes and 1,232 “no” votes.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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