The Louisburg Tonics Granny Basketball team made an $800 donation to the Louisburg food pantry on Thursday, May 21. Pictured (from left) are food pantry representatives Kitty Guetterman and Mike Steck, and Tonics team members Ruth Fladung and Jean Carder. Fladung made protective masks, including the masks the group is wearing, to help raise funds for the donation. Guetterman is president of the Agape Christian Center which runs the food pantry.

The Louisburg Tonics Granny Basketball team has made an $800 donation to the Louisburg food pantry.

Team captain Jean Carder said the Tonics were challenged by a Lawrence team to raise funds for local food pantries during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown while the teams are unable to get on the basketball court. The Louisburg and Lawrence teams face each other multiple times during a season.

The Tonics presented the $800 donation on Thursday, May 21, to Kitty Guetterman, president of the Agape Christian Center which runs the food pantry, and food pantry representative Mike Steck.

“I always love a good challenge, and the challenge from the Lawrence team couldn’t be passed up to help out our food pantry,” Carder said. “We raised some cash through player donations but when Ruth (Fladung) offered to make Chiefs face masks to wear during the stay-at-home that really put us over the top. She accepted $10 donations for each mask she made and raised $300-plus by herself.

“Our granny basketball team is pleased we could help out the Louisburg food pantry,” Carder said.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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