The Louisburg City Council has approved UTVs and golf carts for operation on city streets under certain conditions and speed restrictions. UTVs must be registered with the Louisburg Police Department and display a city-issued tag.

LOUISBURG — Owners of UTVs and golf carts can drive their vehicles on Louisburg streets under certain conditions and speed limitations.

The Louisburg City Council voted 5-0 in late May to allow work-site utility vehicles, utility task vehicles and golf carts to be operated inside the city limits. UTV owners must register their vehicles with the Louisburg Police Department and purchase a city-issued tag to display on the vehicle.

UTVs can be operated on any highway, street or roadway in Louisburg that has a posted speed limit of 45 mph or less. Utility vehicles must have bench or bucket-style seats. Vehicles that require the driver to straddle the seat are not allowed.

Golf carts must be equipped with a slow-moving vehicle sign on the back of the cart and can only be operated on city streets where the posted speed limit is 25 mph or less.

All vehicles need to have a rearview mirror and a side mirror. A vehicle cannot be operated with more occupants than it is designed to accommodate, and drivers and occupants must wear seat belts if the vehicle comes equipped with those safety restraints.

Drivers must have a current, unrestricted driver’s license. Residents must provide proof of insurance when tagging their UTVs.

UTV owners can apply for their tag and permit with the Louisburg Police Department after July 1, according to the city. Owners are asked to call before going to the police station, which is located at 209 S. Metcalf St., to ensure that an officer is available to assist them. The police department’s non-emergency number is 913-837-3191.

The registration fee is $100 and renewable annually for a $50 fee. Lost or damaged tags will cost $100 to replace.

For more details pertaining to the weight and length limits of vehicles and other regulations, go to the city of Louisburg’s website: www.louisburgkansas.gov.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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I want to know what kind of enforcement is going to take place. As it is the speed limit on K-68 through Louisburg is 30 mph, yet everyone speeds through town including 18-wheeled vehicles and Louisburg doesn’t seem to care anymore. People are going to ride these vehicles any time they want and will speed and what ever. We are just outside Louisburg and see these things going up and down our roads daily with kids running them. Does MICO Sheriff enforce any regulations there? NO, too much other stuff to do. Another not so great move by Louisburg!

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