Circle Grove

Circle Grove is the site of the Louisburg school district office.

Patrons of Louisburg USD 416 and Prairie View USD 362 will have an opportunity to cast their votes in school bond elections set for the Tuesday, Aug. 4, primary that are proposing upgrades and repairs to existing district buildings.

The Louisburg school board took action in October 2019 to proceed with a bond election to address district facilities in need of attention for items like roofs, HVAC systems, technology improvements and enhanced safety measures.

The bond proposal, set up as two questions, would reduce the tax mill levy in the process, school officials said.

The proposed $27.6 million bond in the first question addresses district needs that are divided into three main categories: $10.1 million for facility and efficiency upgrades, $9 million for enhanced learning environments, and $8.5 million for safety and security, according to the school district.

The bond proposal would lower the district’s bond mill rate by nine mills from the current 21.541 mills to 12.541 mills. The life of the bond would be 20 years. The district is able to lower the mill rate because it is retiring some of its Rockville Elementary construction debt.

The second question is a proposal to construct a new four-field, baseball/softball complex on school property. The life of the second bond issue for the complex also would be 20 years.

The proposed $6.9 million baseball/softball complex would bring the total of the two ballot questions to $34.5 million, which would mean a mill levy reduction of 6.291 from 21.541 mills to 15.250 mills if both questions are approved, according to the district.

The two-question proposal is set up so that if the $27.6 million bond fails, the district would not move forward with the second part.

The following is a list of priority items at each school.

Circle Grove

  • : (preschool and district office, built in 1959): Replace outdated HVAC system; repair/replace windows and roof; structure and exterior brick repair; technology and furniture updates; renovate classroom wing; parking improvements, sidewalk and site drainage; upgrade door hardware; lighting upgrades.

Rockville Elemen-tary

  • : (kindergarten through second grade, built in 2008): Technology and furniture updates; new ADA accessible playground with improved drainage; renovate special services to update learning environment; parking and sidewalk improvements; lighting upgrades.

Broadmoor Elemen-tary: (third through fifth

  • grades, built in 1977): Replace 40-year-old roof; replace original HVAC system; technology and furniture updates; relocate office entrance for increased safety and security; renovate interior library and classroom space; upgrade doors and replace windows; sidewalk and parking improvements; renovate kitchen; lighting upgrades; replace gym bleachers.

Louisburg Middle School (built in 1992): New high wind shelter that will double as classroom space; technology and furniture updates; replace outdated HVAC system; repair/replace roof; traffic patterns, parking and sidewalk improvements; renovate kitchen; lighting upgrades; upgrade doors. The middle school is the only building in the district that does not have a dedicated tornado shelter, and improvements to the parking lot and traffic flow will address a current safety concern of vehicles stacking up on Kansas Highway 68 during peak drop-off and pick-up times.

Louisburg High School (built in 2002): Technology and furniture updates; repair/replace roof; parking, sidewalk and drainage improvements; lighting upgrades, new multipurpose room addition that would be available for community use when not used by the district. Prairie View bond

Prairie View USD 362 also has a proposed bond election on the Aug. 4 primary ballot.

The USD 362 bond proposal is $7.5 million that would keep the mill levy neutral, school officials have said.

Proposed renovations include: repair and replace the high school roof, remodel special education classrooms, remodel administrative and library space to have a secure entrance directly into the office, remodel science classrooms and laboratories, remodel family and consumer science room, turn current art room into an expanded space for the family and consumer science program, and turn the current ag classrooms/shop into a new art design workshop.

Proposed additions include: ADA accessible elevator, additional handicap restroom, weightlifting room, agriculture classrooms, shop and greenhouse, according to a school district release.

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