Louisburg City Hall

Louisburg City Hall

LOUISBURG — Louisburg will receive $132,000 in Community Development Block Grant Coronavrius Response Supplement (CDGB-CV) funds to help local businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Laura Kelly announced Tuesday, June 2, the award of nearly $9 million in CDBG-CV funds to 32 counties and 34 cities across the state. The 66 awards ranged from $173,600 (Russell County) to $55,000 (Unified Greeley County).

The city of Louisburg was the only recipient of CDBG-CV funds in Miami County. Linn County and the city of Garnett also received grants.

“We are very pleased to receive any award to assist with local businesses affected by COVID-19,” City Administrator Nathan Law said of Louisburg’s grant funding.

The state Department of Commerce received 106 award applications from city and county governing bodies that totaled more than $32 million, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

Law said Friday, June 5, it’s not known how many Louisburg businesses will benefit from the grant because they do not automatically qualify for funding just by answering the city’s initial survey.

“We received 32 survey responses, which was the basis for the grant application,” Law said. “The selected grant administrator will conduct interviews and look at business operations to see where they qualify based on the intended use of this grant.

“There are aspects of each business and employees that may or may not qualify them,” Law said. “The city will have to create a funding metric for distributing funds, but there are mandated limits per business.”

CDBG-CV grants are part of the state’s allocation from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The $9 million in grant money was distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the governor’s news release.

Miami County and the city of Osawatomie also collected survey information from businesses as part of the application process. Cities and counties across the state could get a second crack at receiving grants.

While all CDBG-CV funds from the first round have been awarded, the state Department of Commerce expects to receive about $7 million in additional funding in a second round of grants through the CARES Act, according to the news release. The commerce department plans to provide more information about the second round once details are available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

CDBG-CV grants were available in two categories: Economic Development and Meal Programs.

Economic Development grants provide communities with funding to help local businesses retain jobs for low-to-moderate income people by covering working capital expenses such as inventory, wages and utilities, according to the release. Meal Program grants can be directed toward organizations such as Meals on Wheels, local food banks or to support organizations providing meals for children affected by the loss of school meal programs.

“Kansans have faced unprecedented challenges during the past few months due to COVID-19,” Gov. Kelly said in the release. “Our communities need relief — and they need it now. I’m pleased to announce additional resources to help Kansans navigate through the recovery process. These grants will help our communities rebuild their economies and support Kansas families.”

For more information on the Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Response Supplement program visit www.kansascommerce.gov/cdbg-cv/.

For current information on COVID-19 in Kansas, go to covid.ks.gov/.

News Editor Doug Carder can be reached at (913) 294-2311 or doug.carder@miconews.com.

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