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LOUISBURG — The Louisburg Recreation Commission’s bid to lift its one-mill cap and raise its levy to two mills in 2022 has gone by the wayside, but the organization is still committed to serving the community, its director said.

Voters rejected the Louisburg Recreation Commission (LRC) ballot question by a count of 1,390 “no” votes to 623 “yes” votes on Nov. 2.

“Nothing has changed from Nov. 2 to Nov. 3 with our programs,” LRC Director Diana Moore said afterward. “So moving forward, the LRC will continue to provide the same sports, classes and events we always have.”

LRC board members and several guest speakers met with the public Oct. 12 regarding the commission’s proposed mill levy increase.

Several questions addressed a proposed quadplex that the recreation commission would like to see built at Lewis-Young Park in the future.

Language in the ballot question notes LRC would have the ability to raise the mill by a maximum of one mill per year until it reaches four mills, in accordance with state statute.

Going from one mill to two mills does not constitute a 400 percent tax increase, LRC board members emphasized at the Oct. 12 meeting, in reference to some yard signs placed around town that claim LRC is asking for a 400 percent tax increase.

But that message didn’t sway enough voters, who rejected the ballot question by roughly a 2-to-1 margin.

Moore said LRC is grateful to voters who supported the ballot question.

“We want to thank those that voted for the LRC on Nov. 2,” Moore said. “We are truly grateful for all the support we did receive. It means a lot to the board and staff.”

Moore said approval of the ballot question would have helped LRC expand its programming.

“It’s unfortunate that the ballot question didn’t pass because we have new programs in the works that we are wanting to get up and going,” she said. “We were hopeful in getting those started sooner than later, but now we will need to go back, revisit and figure out a plan.”

Moore said LRC has watched community participation grow each year.

“About 500 kids signed up for LRC’s fall programs, an increase of 100 participants compared to last fall, Moore said. “This is the largest we’ve had. Each year, our numbers are rising.”

Those numbers are placing a strain on facilities and scheduling, she said.

“We will continue to figure out the facility situation,” Moore said. “We will do our best in working out the schedules and find a way to make the LRC all it can be. We will continue to serve Louisburg by offering great programs for everyone to participate in and enjoy.”

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