Paola Police Department

PAOLA — The Paola Police Department has recently investigated a number of scams involving a caller requesting the victim to obtain gift cards for payment.

The scams range from social security fraud, lottery winnings, requests for bail for a loved one, and IRS scams. In one case, the victim and the victim’s family were threatened with arrest and bodily harm, according to a release from the Paola Police Department.

Police officials said they want to make it clear that no legitimate entity, whether it be a private business or government institution, will require people to pay with gift cards.

“The scams encountered recently involve fishing calls on cell phones and through Facebook,” the release states. “They might appear genuine and authentic, but they are people that are trying to steal from you.”

If anyone receives a call or is contacted in regard to making a payment via gift cards, they are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency, according to the release.

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