Louisburg City Hall

Louisburg City Hall

Evergy and AT&T restored service at about the same time late in the afternoon Wednesday, June 17, for Miami County customers.

Miami County officials reported public services were being limited at the Miami County Administration Building about mid-morning Wednesday because of a phone/internet outage. The Miami County Sheriff’s Office also reported it was experiencing an outage with its non-emergency phone lines, and had set up a temporary phone number for the public to call at 913-298-0808.

The city of Louisburg reported phone service had been disrupted at City Hall. In an unrelated incident, Louisburg officials also reported about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday that an electrical transformer went out near Rockville Road and North Third Street, knocking out power to some Louisburg residents in the area.

AT&T's service outage map indicated that phone/internet service was restored about 4 p.m. Wednesday. At almost the same time, Evergy's power outage map indicated service had been restored to Louisburg customers about 15 minutes ahead of its initial estimate of  4:15 p.m.

Representatives of the city of Louisburg and the Miami County Sheriff's Office both indicated phone/internet service had been restored, but as a precaution the sheriff's temporary 913-298-0808 number would remain in effect Wednesday evening.

"We are leaving the temporary number up through the night to make sure it remains in service," Sheriff's Capt. Matthew Kelly said.

The cause of the phone service issue was not clear, but the county said in an email alert Wednesday morning that it was working with AT&T to restore phone and internet service to county offices.

The Board of County Commissioners canceled its study session and regular meeting on Wednesday because the outage prevented public access to the meetings via Zoom.


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